Friday, November 09, 2012

Cover duty month

My collegue takes a 1.5 weeks leave this month. After that, another colleague will be on training for 2.5 days and will take half day leave. That's why I put the title 'cover duty month'.

Due to nature of my job, I have to cover two person's duty when they are not around. Usually other people, depend on their post, will cover another person duty. But it's ok, I still can manage, as long as they their leave as per planned, not last minute, and not during busy month-end closing.

Actually I'm lucky enough that I can take long leave in this place. Some people, due to the nature of their job, can't even take leave during weekend. Or even if they take, when they return back to work, they still have to do their works as noone helps to cover their jobs when they're not around.

I woke up early today as I couldn't sleep. I think because of the medicine that I took last night. I caught flu again yesterday. It was raining heavily 2 days ago when I went out for a walk after lunch. It was fine when I left the office, but when I wanted to return back, it was raining so heavy. Although I had my umbrella with me, I chose to wait. After 20-minutes waiting, the rain still went on. It's already past my lunch time. I went inside again, having a warm dessert, but too bad it wasn't as warm as what I expected, then had a one big walk inside the building, then went out. The rain still went on, but it was lighter. So I went back to my office.

The air-con was so cold everyday inside the office. I have to wear sweater everyday everytime, sometimes I even put a shawl around my neck when I wear top cloth with no collar. People who enter my office will find me weird, as if I am in winter season. Ironically, my other colleague, always feels that it is never cold enough. He even turns on the additional air-con that directly blows into his position. Hehehe....

And two days before, my son forgot to turn on the timer of our room's air-con. Usually we set a timer so the air-con will stop at 3.30am. That's why I didn't feel well yesterday morning. Seems like my flu came back visiting me, and that's why I took the medicine last night, and I couldn't sleep now...

Hubby and son can't sleep without air-con. That's why I can't isolate myself in no air-con room. Although I put on blanket, it won't be able to cover my face. Still feels dry on my throat and nose.

Just hope I can get well soon... These few days weather really keeps changing between hot and raining. November rain... Like a song title... Hahaha...

Christmas is coming in one month's time. There is Christmas decorations already in shopping malls. Shops has started selling the Christmas presents. I love to see the special edition Christmas chocolates although I don't really eat it. I haven't yet browsed the Orchard road, where usually the Christmas decoration will be put along the road and inside the mall will have different theme of Christmas decoration. Usually me and hubby will take one day or one night to browse around the Orchard road and take pictures :) See if I can do it too this year. Will share the photos here.

TGIF!!! Today I will be busy, covering my friend's duty... Hehehehe.... But tonight, I've planned to watch finish my Korean series. 4 more episodes to go, means 4-5 hours watching. I'm gonna burn the midnight oil later hahaha.... Don't know if it will result in happy or sad ending, but usually it will end in happy ending. Unlike real human lives, we really have to face the unexpected in lives. It may be something that makes us happy :) or something that makes us pretty sad until we don't desire to live anymore. No matter what, how we look at it will depend on ourselves, won't it?

Kinda hungry now... What should I eat for my breakfast later??? I miss vegetarian wantan noodle sold in market near my previous house...Too bad it's kinda far from here, otherwise I could just wake up now, get myself ready, and slowly enjoyed my breakfast before heading to office to work...... :D

Well, hope all of you enjoy your day! Have a great weekend and take care of your health! Some people enjoy busy life, some people, like me, enjoy a simple live... No matter what type of life you choose, you can't ignore your health! Hehehe... Seems like I am talking to myself hahaha... Happy Friday everyone!!! :)

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