Sunday, November 04, 2012

It's November!

Another weekend passes by. Yesterday, me, Baobei, and 2 of my buddies went for lunch at Chili's, Clarke Quay. It was to celebrate PY's birthday. Ellen also passed few snacks to me and PY as she had just returned from her holiday in Hokkaido, Japan. Tq Ellen! :)

Lunch at Chilis
After that we went to Bugis, praying at Kwan Im Temple. Then had a walk including OG and Bugis Junction. We separated thereafter. I felt sleepy after having my flu medicine and decided to go home. Ellen also went back home. She wasn't feeling well too these past few days. PY continued her walk to another temple and meet her friends.

I received a call at about 4.30pm. My friend, Sheryn, invited us to have dinner in her house, which is located just the opposite of my block. We're living under the same HDB complex. Her hubby likes to cook during weekend and usually he cooks with quite big portion and two of them wouldn't be able to finish. And last weekend, we also invited both of them and her hubby's best friend to our house, to have beer at our 'Beer Garden', hehehe..., it actually refers to our home's balcony :)

Beer Garden
That night me and hubby were relaxing in our balcony and had a beer. I posted the photo in fb and they read it. Since they were free, and we had beer stocks inside our fridge, I asked them to come, anyway, it's only a three-minute walk to our house. So they came, and we had beer, snack, and chit chatted whole night. It's a good session to know each other as well, since my hubby hadn't met her hubby before. Sheryn is my hubby's NS (National Service) friend's ex-wife. We chit chatted and didn't realize how time flies and when looked at the clock, it was 1.30am already. So they went back home and that's also why they invited us to their dinner. Hehehe....

At 7pm, we walked to their house. Their best friend, Bernard, and his wife and son were also there. His wife cooked Prawn cereal and helped David to cook. When we reached, the food were almost ready. Sheryn showed us her house. They just moved there around 2 months and will have housewarming next month. Although we stay in the same complex, our building structure and layout is different. So we browsed around and had a look.

Stir-fried Kangkong w/ Dried Prawn and chilli, Prawn Cereal, Curry Chicken, Fried Egg w/ Bacon and Onion
That was our menu for dinner. Most food was spicy, except for the egg. I brought 'emping' with sweet soya sauce as compliment for the dishes. Hehehe.... All was finished... :)

Me and hubby, Sheryn and David, Bernard, Stephy and Bosco
Thank you for their warmth food that filled our stomach. Sheryn also served Konnyaku fruit jelly as dessert :)

We went back home at 9.30pm after watching TV show there. I watched few episodes of Korean series before went to sleep and today I woke up quite late hehehe... My son couldn't even wait for me and cooked his own instant noodle with egg. He was so happy that he could break the egg himself successfully :)

We went out at 2pm. I had our lunch at food stall near Bus Interchange and met my mother-in-law there who was also having her lunch. Then me and Baobei took MRT to Compass Point. We went to library to return the books and borrowed few books back. Baobei went to buy his Gundam. He has saved his own pocket money so that he could buy his favorite toys. I waited for him choosing the one he likes.

After that, we went back home. It was raining. I had only 1 umbrella, so we shared. But as we walked, the rain got heavier. So me and Baobei walked faster and we got ourselves wet at the end. Hahaha.... Imagine, one small umbrella for both of us... :D

Good accompany for a cool raining day :)
We took a bath once we reached home. I boiled water and made Milo (chocolate milk) for both of us. I opened our balcony door and let the cool air coming into our living room. We ate Yakun kaya toast with Milo, a perfect combination for a cool raining day..... :) Baobei then continued building his Gundam.

Baobei and his new Gundam :)
 It's still raining outside. Good weather to sleep... Hahahaha... Nolah, I will continue watching my Korean dramas. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!!!

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