Monday, November 19, 2012

My laptop is still alive!!!

I took out my laptop yesterday from the bag. To my surprise, it was still working well, only got slight problem with the built-in mouse - I couldn't make a left click. Old sickness. I didn't take it out all this while since beginning of this year, before we moved into this house. Thank God it's still in good condition. I still can browse online, open folders, files, etc.

This laptop was purchased in LA in year 2006 during my holiday trip there. I'd been using it a lot until year 2010 when it showed slight problems due to Windows that I had to upgrade and perhaps over storage? Luckily my good friend helped me upgrading it when he came to Singapore for working and I moved files to the portable hard disk to lessen its burden. However, I still stored many old photos, songs, and documents in this laptop, also saved lots of bookmarks (those favorite pages I used to browse) from many years ago. It brought me back lots of memories from the past.

I opened the saved bookmarks and lots of it were not available anymore. Especially the blog addresses. I used to read my friend's blogs, but seemed that many of them had stopped writing and some ignored it. And if you could remember 'friendster', that's the first social media website that connected people together, founded in year 2002. I thanked friendster a lot when it first came, because I could find lots of my school friends that were 'missing' after we left school. During those days, we didn't have internet and mobile phone where we could keep in touch. Many people using its blog service from friendster too. But too bad, in 2009 friendster has changed into a gaming site, since the rising appearance of facebook. All our pages, data, friends lists were all gone in friendster. Automatically, the blog service from friendster had been deleted as well. I used to have one as well, but only posted those forwarded email like jokes, quiz, and so on. It was not there anymore.

Hehehe... I know there is impermanence in this world. It's just that... I hope my laptop can still work in many more years to come. There is a sentimental value behind this machine that I wish to keep with me as long as I can... :)

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