Sunday, November 18, 2012

Run For Hope at Padang

PY, PW, Baobei and Me
Run For Hope (RFH) is an annual charity event organised by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Regent Singapore and the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) to raise much-needed funds for cancer research. This year, our company has participated the event once again. However the participation will depend on the individual staffs whether to join or not, and they can ask their friends and family to join as well.

I had participated the event twice and today was my 3rd encounter. For the past few years, the event was held in East Coast Park, but this year, it was held in Padang, in the center of the city of Singapore. There were 2 categories of run. One is 3.5 km Fun Run, suitable for families and friends, who wish to have a meaningful bonding time with a scenic city view by supporting a worthy cause. Another one is for the avid runner, to run for 10 km. We, of course, chose the 3.5 km one, hehehe..... :D

I asked my son to join, and my two other friends participated as well. Early this morning, we took the first MRT at 6.03am to go to my working place first. I needed to take some items for my friend and we had sandwich and water first before went out (to fill some energy up). From there, we walked out to Padang, which was about 10 minutes walk from my working place, together with the rest of the colleagues. There were 50 people registered from our side. Some took 10 km, but most of them took 3.5 km one.

Starting Point
We started it off at 7.45am. The weather was great! A little bit of sunshine, then covered by cloud. My son tried his best to walk fast. During the journey, he was so quiet and tried to endure with the pain and tiredness. Hahaha... My dear son was not used to it... But at least he did it. We all finally managed to reach the end point and finally we could see him smiling again... especially after he was allowed to eat McDonald for breakfast..... hahaha....

Can you spot my son?? :)
Compare his face with this one, after McDonald Big Breakfast injection... hahaha.... :P
Btw, I just had a look at my ex-colleague's fb this afternoon and found out that his wife passed away on November 1st due to cancer. She was diagnosed with cancer since year 2008. She had undergone Herceptine cancer treatment and recovered. However, the cancer cell had spread to her right lymph node and went for chemotherapy. I have lost contact with my ex-colleague after he resigned in Jan 2011 and only today I found out about the news. So sad. She was still quite young and left 3 children which are still very young too... I just hope my friend can be strong, as no matter what, life has to go on. Hope the three children will be able to cope and accept the loss of their beloved mom.

Many people died because of cancer. My father-in-law was one of them. Hope the charity collected today will be used properly for the right purpose, which is the progressive breakthroughs made by the NCCS team that can lead to a cure. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.


Anonymous said...

SALUTE for Reever who always beside her mom.. incl the hope of run. he is still young but seems he understand a lot. It must be from mom who inspired his life. Good mum.. good son..
also salute to you who always think about others first before you.. what a selfless person..That's why you r surrounded by good people . U always try to create a good karma within your life.. miss you. yz

Overcome said...

Hi Yz, thanks for your compliment. I just want to let him experience the outside world while I can. Actually he might be still too young to understand all this, but I hope it could give him good memories about time spent with me. And I believe practise makes perfect. Hope he can feel better and better when doing it. Hehehe...
You're a mom too, I'm sure you know what to do to ur children happiness ;)

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