Monday, December 17, 2012

Blur like sotong

How was your weekend everyone? Mine was nothing unusual, except that I was so blurred like sotong – Urban dictionary: dumb like squid...used with "blur" which is a mental state somewhere between spacey, oblivious, and retarded ;D I was so blurred and didn’t realize what date was it on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday, I went to dentist for checking up my teeth and also for washing. The doctor pressed me to do X-Ray and one small X-Ray costs me S$30. After that, she showed me the X-Ray result and she said, there were 2 teeth that I need to repair and each would cost S$900. If I go to the dentist nearby my area (newly opened and obviously this doctor works there) in the morning, she will give me 20% discount. If I go during weekend, the most she can give is only 5% discount. Wow! S$900 per tooth or $1,800 for two. Even after 20% discount (and 2 times half day leave), it will still cost me S$1,440. That’s the price I have to pay if I want to make my teeth beautiful and safer…… Haiz… maybe the doctor thought that I am one of those MPs who earn so much per month ah?

I was distracted with it and made me thinking of the AWS that will be received soon. AWS stands for Annual Wage Supplement (AWS), usually paid in December, also said as 13th month salary, given to full-time employee who is still working with a company as at 31st December 2012. The amount is equal to one month salary and usually I’d reserve this amount to pay the yearly insurance for my son. My mind was battling – should I spend it for my teeth or for my son’s insurance? Well, I know the answer though, definitely for my son’s insurance. Hahaha… But that thought just kept dangling in my mind.

We went to Hougang Mall after that. My son went to library to return the books, then we walked to other shops including Popular bookshop. I was thinking whether to buy books or not and I remembered of having $5 voucher from the last time Popular Book Fair in Expo. I was so stubborn not to take out the voucher from my wallet as I thought it wouldn’t expire so fast. At night, 10 pm, I was rearranging my wallet. I took out the Popular voucher and it’s written that the voucher was valid until 16th December. I was like… “Ahhhhh…. Today is 16th!! Why didn’t I take out the voucher just now and use it right away?????” It’s only $5 lah, but if we can save, why not right??? I was so regretting myself not taking out the voucher just now… So I threw the voucher away into my dustbin.

On Sunday, I woke up at 10am, but lazing around until almost 12 pm. It was cloudy outside. I started out my day cleaning my house: sweeping the floor, mopping it, washing two toilets, like the usual housewife, and then taking a bath. It was 2.30 pm. My son was hungry. I reheated the last night fried rice for him and cooked porridge for myself. I also stir-fried the bean sprout with chili, garlic, and carrot, trying to eat healthy hahaha…. Once done, I had my late lunch at 3pm. My chore didn’t stop there. I continued hanging the laundry, while I asked my son to fold the dried one. Then I was ironing clothes for an hour plus. Soooo tiring……. At 5.15pm it was finally over. I went into my son’s room, using computer for a while, then hubby came back home. He was asking us out for dinner at Compass Point.

So we all went out to Compass Point for dinner. After dinner, I walked alone shopping for Christmas presents while two of them walking themselves then went back home. I visited Popular bookshop again. I saw there was a board written 2nd book at 50% discount and it showed their magazine that the offer valid until 16 December. I was thinking, since the offer had over yesterday, why they still put the notice there? Weird… and also, how come there were still so many people there when the offer had ended?? In the end I didn’t buy anything there and went to other shops to find my Christmas presents and went back home at 9 pm plus.

This morning, I turned on my hand phone. I saw the date, 17th December 2012. Walaooooo…. I just realized that yesterday was 16th!!! And actually I still could use the voucher yesterday!! Hahaha…. I was so blurred lah!!! After shocked with the dentist high price offered and doing too much chores, I couldn’t even notice what date was on Saturday and Sunday. I was given the opportunity twice to use the voucher but I missed it! Hahaha… ya, maybe it’s not a fate yet to buy the book. Oooh.. I remember now why I was so mixed up with the date!! My son said the due date of his library book was on the 16th. And he returned the book on Saturday, so I was thinking that it was 16th December on Saturday. Alamak!!! Baobei lah… made ur Mom so blurred like sotong!!!

Anyway, it’s not about the $5 that I regretted, but why I was so ignorant about the dates? Haiz… It’s 17 December now. 4 more days to what people believe to be end of the world, 8 more days to Christmas, and exactly 2 weeks to end of the year. How time flies. I have to think about a new year resolutions soon. It’s a new week again! Some people is busy with their work, some people is having holiday. Whoever it is, hope you all enjoy the rest days of the year. Live a more meaningful life and be happy!!!


Anonymous said...

hehehe... dont blame to bao bei... maybe u eat too much sotong.. hahahha
dentist advise - better spend ticket to jkt and do it there.. cheaper n can meet parent as well..
win win.. yz

Overcome said...

Hahaha... Ya, maybe I ate too much sotong... Haiz.... :D

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