Monday, January 21, 2013

Big sister on secret mission - Flooding Day 5 in Jakarta

This afternoon, like usual, while at work, we exchanged messages using what's app amongst me, my mom and my sisters, brought some updates about the flood at home. Mom sent me the two photos below using BBM (Blackberry Messenger).

Came with a BIG SMILE :)
The woman in pink shirt is my eldest sister. She finally managed to visit my parents, accompanied by her best friend, and being guarded by 5 nice and friendly police. They started their journey from the Electricity power plant (PLTU), near Muara Karang bridge.

My sister stayed quite far from my parents' house and her house isn't affected by the flood. How lucky she is! But these past few days, she couldn't manage to go to my parents' place since her hubby worried on how she could reach there. There were flooding in many areas from her house to my parents house. So, she could only feel worry and sad from afar and helped them with pray, same like the rest of us.

Until today, she secretly came out from her house. With the accompany of her best friend, these two ladies bravely overcame the flood, bought and brought the food supplies for my family members and maid at home.

When reached the bridge where the flood started, she saw lots of polices, army and SAR (Search and Rescue) team. She was telling one of the police that she wanted to deliver food items to our parents's home and asking where to get the boat. The friendly police directed them to one of the boat and asked them to sit on the boat. In a while, they started the journey under the hot sun!

Finally reached!!
She directed the way on how to get there and finally they reached our parents' house gate. She kept mentioning the police is very kind and nice, and too bad she never took photo with them (For what???). When reached, the police went down, opened the gate and pulled the boat inside the house and she passed the food supplies to my Mom. After that they returned back to the bridge.

If you see the photo above, the water has gone down slightly (do you notice the lines??) Two days ago, after the news was broadcasted, it brought up attention to public and the Jakarta new elected governor and vice governor, Jokowi and Basuki (also known as Ahok). Yesterday, they brought in the pump to suck the water and threw it to Muara Karang river. After that, the water has gone down slightly. The water is no more going inside our house, but it still remains outside our house and on the street.

Pumping the water out to the river
This is how the machine looks like
On Sunday, my uncle has also visited my parents with the boat, bringing some medicine. Just in case if anyone gets sick. In the afternoon, my father, uncle, and two aunties were sitting down and chit chatting, enjoying the gathering time together. My mom said they were enjoying it. Hahaha.. Usually they were busy with work and had little thing to say.

Back to my eldest sister.

We were still messaging in what's app. Mom said dajie (eldest sis) forgot to buy sugar and the vegetables ordered by our maid. Dajie said, she had actually bought the veggies ordered, but when she entered the supermarket, she had to leave the item in deposit counter (we're not allowed to bring other items inside - to avoid confusion if the items were from that supermarket or from outside), and she forgot to collect the veggies back. So end up, the veggies were still in the deposit counter and she was too lazy to take it back. Kekeke... So careless!!! I think she also forgot to buy eggs too until my Mom commented, "You brought the egg back home and cook ya?"

When she was on the boat, there was TV channel shooting at their direction. She mentioned that to us happily, as if she confirmed that she would be on TV this evening hahaha...

Dajie w/ LP - best friend since high school's time
 At night, she said she has reached her home safely although there was heavy traffic jam on her way back. And her hubby found out about her secret mission. (She actually didn't inform her hubby in advance that she was going there. Because if she did, her hubby wouldn't let her go. That's why I called it 'secret mission') Hahaha...

I was asking her, 'So, how did he find out?'

She said, her face was sun tanned. Automatically, her hubby asked her where did she go. Unable to lie, she confessed to her hubby. After that, she was very happy. She posted her photo immediately on her fb and blackberry hahaha... and even asked me to post a blog about her... Narcist abis deh loe........ :D So, here is a special post for you, Dajie :)

Jakarta or Venice???


Anonymous said...

Hahaha.... Thanks buat ceritanya.... Suk2 kmrn beli obat jg gw yg minta tolong, tdnya minta tolong abu, tp dia ga bisa, trs suk blg mau ke rumah pa, krn suk ga bs contact mereka. Jd ya gw order obat ama suk krn ma blg stock obat di rumah dah abis... Spt imodium, sanmol, tolak angin, panadol, neozep, dll. Kt mama abis 200 ribuan....

Overcome said...

Your welcome Dajie :) We know u love pa ma.. Don't need to explain hehehe.... And we love u too.. :)

Anonymous said...
perlu di masukin ke gak?
great there is one of us there.. mama u pas trima brg sambil bercucuran air mata kali ye...
gw lg liat2 foto kmrn mikir,,, ini ce satu lagi siapa yah.. looks famiiar... eh br baca si meiqi blg si lp.. pantesan.. stay mana dia..
thanks to her to accompany u there!
Love u all, yz

Anonymous said...

Very brave but careless secret agent. Hahaha :D but still well done! Hehe..

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