Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chocolate Theme Day

It's the first theme day of the year :) and we were the lucky one who chose it on the first month of the year... hahahaha.... (My boss who chose the lucky draw month :P)
Can you guess it right???

We had two weeks to prepare the event. We came out with 2 games for the rest to enjoy. One is guessing the no. of M&Ms chocolates inside the 3 jars, and another one is guessing the brand of the chocolate that they taste - 5 different types of chocolates with 10 choices available. It wasn't easy as we bought a seldom buy imported chocolate from US. Kekeke...

We also collaborated with Chefs to prepare dishes related to our theme. We had Cocoa Fish (baked fish with lemon topped w/ cocoa powder) - it turned out very nice though. Lots of people loves it.

Roasted Chicken w/ BBQ Choco Sauce - the name sounds weird, but the taste was good, only that a bit sweet hahaha.... And as a side dish, we had mashed potato w/ Coco Crunch cereal at the side. :) Chef also prepared a very delicious mushroom soup. Love it so much!!!

Most importantly was different varieties of chocolate pastries ^^ We had Blackforest Cake, Tiramisu, Chocolate Eclairs, Chocolate Fondue, fresh waffles w/ chocolate ice cream, fried banana with chocolate sauce and a fresh mixed Milo Dinosaur!!! It's a blended Milo with ice and ice cream, topped with Milo powder on top! It was sweet, but refreshing!!!

Everything went well!! Most of my colleagues participated in this event. They all tried to find things to do. It's a great team work for all of us. Without everyone's help, this thing won't go smoothly. Hehehe... Keep it up all!!! Boss has also expressed her 'Thank You' message to all of us in her email. Your welcome Boss!!!

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