Monday, January 21, 2013

First snowfall of the year in Bhutan

It was last Saturday morning, 19th January 2013. I saw Tashi (my Bhutanese friend) posted in his fb that it was snowing there in Thimphu. I immediately sent a message to another Bhutanese friend, who had kept waiting for the snow to come. He did not reply. Perhaps he was busy taking photos outdoor as not to miss the important moments.

True enough. In the evening, he told me how exciting he was to see the snow once he woke up in the morning. Wearing his slippers, he rushed out and took many beautiful pictures, and fell down many times as the road was slippery. Haha... He also told me that his photo will be used by BBS. You can click the link here

The Home Ministry has declared today as public holiday in those areas in Bhutan that experienced snowfall. It is the first time where a holiday has been declared for a snowfall that happened during weekend. Usually it was valid when snowing happened on weekdays, as it appears that snowing has become scarce in each passing years.

Although the snowfall did not last long that morning, I believe many people have been so happy and enjoying it :)

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