Thursday, January 03, 2013

Flu again :(

I started sneezing yesterday in my office. I thought I was just feeling cold. Didn't expect that it got worst. Even after I wore my sweater with long pants, I still felt very cold for the whole day. I started to have running nose. It was terrible!!!

Weather kept changing from cold to hot in a day, then from hot to cold again. Not only that. Many people caught flu and cough and they boarded inside the same MRT. While standing or sitting down, there was not much space left available and you could hear them sneeze and cough just next to you while the wind was blowing towards your direction. So, it was almost unavoidable.

After work, I straight came back home. Had a bowl of spicy pepper bakuteh soup to warm up myself. Then I boiled Chinese herbal tea in a big pot and had a cup. After that I took a bath and took out my leftover flu medicines from the previous doctor's visit. I could feel sleepy right after that. Before 9pm, I went into my room, lying down on my bed and fell asleep in less than 5 minutes. But I woke up at about 11pm, to go to toilet, and tried to sleep again.

This morning, I woke up late. I didn't hear any alarm ringing. It was 7.35am. Usually I set the alarm at 6.50am. Hurriedly I took a fast bath, dressed up, and walking, almost running to MRT. I messaged my collegue, telling her that I might reached office late, but lucky I wasn't late. I reached my office before 8.30am.

It's second day of closing. That's why I had to go to work. I finished my work at first half day and I felt sleepy, tired, and hungry!!! Despite having two slices of bread and a cup of coffee in the morning, my stomach started grumbling at 11am. Lunch time was still in another hour to go but I couldn't wait. So I went to the cafetaria and luckily they served red apple as fruit for lunch and I grabbed one, peeled and ate it right away. I felt better after that. Hehe...

I read somewhere, to fight flu, people have to eat more fruit and vegetables, also drink fruit juices and try not to eat solid food. I couldn't survive without eating solid food. During lunch time, I took a half bowl of rice filled with soup, while at another plate, I took a piece of fried fish, stir fried long bean with tofu, and bunches of Mesclun mix salad together with tomatoes and cucumbers. My boss who sat in front of me commented me of being healthy, while another colleague teased me, saying that Chinese New Year is still in one month's ahead, why I started to diet already... hehe... No dear, I wasn't on diet, I was having flu. Before leaving the cafetaria, I took another red apple, for afternoon break :D

It was quite busy at another half day preparing costing for new food promotion, also to prepare things required for tomorrow's meeting. I was thinking of taking sick leave actually, but when I opened the common calender file, I saw no one took sick leave yet. Even my boss's secretary who was having bad cough didn't take sick leave. So, let me endure one more day before taking a full rest during weekend. So sad, plan to spend the weekend for flu recovery.... :P

After work, I visited the doctor. While waiting for my turn, I had my dinner at the food court nearby. Since there was still time, I went to a library and I was so happy to be able to find another  Hiraku eh.. Haruki Murakami's book. Ahh, it's still quite hard for me to memorize his name... I still can't remember his name properly. So when looking for his book, I was searching in another side of shelf kekeke.... Two weeks before I managed to find one, After the Earthquake, then last weekend, I found other two: South of the Border, West of the Sun and After the Dark. I've returned the After the Earthquake back and done with South of the Border, West of the Sun. Now is reading After the Dark.

I found myself quite lucky that I didn't have to buy the book in order to read it, but could just go to the library and borrow it for 3 weeks time. We could borrow 8-12 books at one time and it's totally free. If you return the book late, then you will have to pay the penalty. So today, I found the book that I wanna read, Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World.

I have a friend who loves to read his book. But before recommending him the book, I must read it first so able to tell if the story is nice or not. Hehehe..... So if not nice, don't buy la... But of course, it's relative. What is nice for me, may not be nice for him, and the other way around, right?

I also borrowed another book, Will you be there by Guillaumo Musso. Dunno nice or not. When I translated what my friend wrote for me during high school time, I just realized that I actually used to love to read a novel. In Jakarta, it takes time to travel from one place to another due to the distance, inconvenience (change 2-3 buses to reach one place) and traffic jam. I used to take public transport wherever I go. So usually, I would bring the book to read while taking the bus and I borrowed the books mostly from school's library. The reading habit disappeared after I went to study abroad.

Since I gave birth and now get older, I think I've lost quite lots of memories from the past. Haha... I even forgot the habit that I used to have. I only know I don't like wasting time while traveling. Even until now, I still bring book (any book including exam material) and /or newspaper while taking MRT to work.

Ok, it's 10.20pm now. I don't want to oversleep again tomorrow morning. I'd better rest early. Hopefully after eating more fruits and vegetables, I will get better soon...... :) One more day to work, after that, I can lie down on my bed reading the rest of the book while listening to the radio... Hm.............................

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