Sunday, January 06, 2013

Jia you Sis!!!

It was somewhere in August when my 3rd sis telling me that she's pregnant her 2nd child. It was quite unexpected though, but they'd been waiting for it to come and very happy with it. Congratulations Sis!! Her hubby started to become very attentive to her after that hahaha... I always heard my sis praising her hubby who clean up the house, do the laundry, do the cooking, prepare for lunch box, etc. He even did the massage for her. So lovely.... :)

My brother-in-law's application for Australian PR was approved in 2007 and he decided to move out from Singapore. In the beginning, my sis was a bit hesitant to move as it'd be quite far from our hometown. But since her husband had convinced her how life in Aussie would be much better than in Singapore, she then followed her husband, started their lives all over again, and moved to Melbourne. In the beginning, they stayed together with one of our cousins in a rented apartment. After quite some time, they decided to buy the land and build a house on it in a suburb of Melbourne. Their first son was born in May 2009 and not long after that, their house was done and three of them moved to the new house happily.

With their first baby boy :)

Throughout their lives there, which have been almost five years, they have faced many challenges. My sis often confided in me what was happened. She trusted me enough to keep it from the others. In fact, both of us are very close to each other. We grew up together, played together. I learn many things from her. In my eyes, she was the bravest woman I've ever known. Haha... She was good in Tae Kwon Do, defeating many opponents with her balcha-gie kick on their faces. Hahaha... I will never forget that memory. She was also the one who encouraged me to take public bus in Jakarta. Fyi, the bus condition in Jakarta many years back was very terrible. We didn't have proper bus stop and we could just stop anywhere we wanted. The bus didn't even stop properly when we went in or went down. There were even lots of pickpockets, perverts, and if you're lucky, you'd get the bus thrown by the stones (those big stones from the footpath, mind you) - It happened to me twice in my whole life. Anyhow, we went through lots of things, thick and thin together since we were young until we've grown up. Even sometimes, we hadn't opened our mouths, but we knew what we were thinking. And lots of times, we'd say the same words at the same time and we ended laughing at each other.

She is also the one who has been reading my blog and commented on my posts all this while. Although we were separated geographically, she still wanted to know how I am doing here and how well my situation is.  Why suddenly I posted this is because I am worrying her situation now. With her 2nd pregnancy, the due date is still 3 months away, but she has been complaining of many things that weren't happened previously. It's not life threatening though, but it made her suffering.

About two months ago, she was complaining about hay fever. In Australia, during spring time, the grass pollens would fly anywhere blown by the wind, and when inhaled, it would cause sneezing, itchy, and watery eyes, swelling and inflammation of the nasal passages, and increase in mucus production. She suffered a lot, made her difficult in breathing. She was worrying the baby not having enough oxygen. At that time, she almost gave up and wanted to fly back to Jakarta for a refuge. She endured the pain for a while and managed to pass the hard time and still remains staying there until now.

Then this morning she was complaining the pain and numbness on her both hands. Both her feet and hands were swelling too due to the blood didn't circulate properly. Later on she found out that she was suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Pregnancy is one of the cause of this thing to happen.

Things to straighten her wrists
My sis and her husband went around to look for the Chinese physicians. Since it's Sunday, many were closed and they had to find it elsewhere. Luckily the find one in Footscray. The physician gave her Taiwanese medicine, which he said it would be safe for pregnant woman and the baby, just hope that he was telling the truth, because usually the doctor will forbid pregnant woman to take any Chinese medicine.

Sis, I just want to say, no matter how hard things happen to you, hang on there and never give up, Ok? You've come this far and all of us will support you with our prayers. We really hope that you and your baby will be fine. It's just 3 more months to go! I'm sure you can get over it! Ok? Jia you Sis!!!


Anonymous said...

a bit weird to read something about me from different perspective.. and like always, feel surprise what u feel about me because i thought opposite thing.
i always say to my friend that i am the one learn from u, and u r the stronger one, wiser one , the one that i always look for advise or just to talk to without any judgement..
its like.. i look at u and u look at me.. hahhaha.

i will survive.. esp with this special hubby who take a good care of me.

for the single lady wherever u r, dont find handsome hubby but look for the one who willing to do anything to u and take care of u..

cheers, yz

Overcome said...

I guess we're born to learn with each other :) Each of us has strong points and also weak points. As long as we're willing accept our weakness and open up to other people's help, there will always ways to improve our thinking and behaviour to achieve greater happiness :)

Yah, this pregnancy will be a reminder for you, for your whole life, how much your husband loves you, not only when you're in good times, but especially during your bad times, where you need help the most :)

So, be strong ok? U still have many people surrounding you that need you right now. Again, we'll support you with our prayers, always....

Love, ur sis

Anonymous said...

Gw bingung mau comment apa yah ???, hehehehe......

Anonymous said...

itu pasti dajie yg comment... huahahhha yz

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