Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My new toys :)

Finally I decided to buy something for myself :)

I bought it online last Saturday since there was no stock available in the store. Didn't expect that the goods would arrive so fast!!! I received it today!!! Wow! So efficient. Only 4 days and it came all the way from China.

I was hesitating whether to buy or not since few months ago because I already had one, the first edition and until now I still can use it, only that it was too heavy and no camera. It became slower too.. Since I often travel, so I thought of buying this. It is small and easy to carry. I bought the WI-fi only and the smallest capacity (the first one I bought was 64gb and I didn't use it much, that's why I decided to buy the smallest one this time). At the same time, I bought the cable to connect the SD card to this thing. It will be convenient to transfer the photos while traveling and post it online immediately.

My fave quote :)

When purchasing online, they offer engraving service for free. So I chose the two lines as per shown in photo, to remind myself to live life to the fullest - over and over again... :)

After coming back from work, my son was much more exciting than me and he couldn't wait for me to finish bathing. He helped me to unpack the box eagerly. See how exciting he was!

He told me, "Wah, it's first time leh for me to unpack the box like this. In the future, I'll unpack many many more boxes, which is Gundam." Then I told him, "I thought you have unpacked so many Gundam already??? Forgot ya?" He then kept quiet and smile smile..... :P

Exciting unpacked Mom's new toys :)


Riku said...

Congrats! You bought your new toys. I hope it would facilitate while you are travelling.

Overcome said...

Thanks Riku :)

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