Saturday, January 19, 2013

The worst flooding in history :'(

Yesterday I hardly concentrated at work. I kept reading message on my hand phone as my friends updating the condition of the flood back home. In the morning, I had changed conversation with my mom, who is still outside Jakarta, and my siblings. At first, I still tried to calm my mom down. I told her, no need for her to worry since our house was quite high from street level and she couldn't do anything about it anyway. Then we received news that water level has entered in our garage with 20cm height. I was still thinking positive that it wouldn't get higher. So my Mom heard me and tried to relax her mind to overcome her worry. She still sent us the photos of their lunch there.

Nearby our area in the morning - about 20 meters from our house
Mom then got updated from my aunt. Fyi, my aunt lives nearby our house. It is located next to each other and very close. She is my father's closest sister and also my father's right hand man. We received news in the late afternoon that water level has gone up to chest level on the street. I still tried to deceive myself, perhaps since my aunt is a little bit shorter, so her chest level maybe just about my waist level. But then, not long after that, some of my friends who are in Jakarta and know where we stay, started asking me how was the condition of the flood in our area. They sent few photos about area nearby.

Restaurant selling duck outside our complex (Opposite Pluit Village)
 And below is the 7-11 shop, also opposite Pluit Village.

Then received another photo, where the cars were buried by the water. It was at the area nearby our house, but where the location is slightly lower than our house. So I still thought positively that our house would still be fine.

Until yesterday at 6pm here (5pm in Jakarta), I received the photo below from my brother. The photo was taken from my aunt's house. The opposite house built halfway is another aunt's house. Next to it is our neighbor house. That was the original house level that we used to have. They never renovated or made it higher since almost 30 years. You can see the different with the house next to it.

And my parents house is the one with grey wall on the right. They didn't capture the photo, but the height will be the same as the halfway built house that you see in the photo. And the water has slowly gone up and gone into our house.

Pluit Permai Dalam 2
I was very disheartened to see the situation there. Not only because of our house. Many of other houses are also in similar or even worst condition. There is food shortage, no electricity, no clean water, etc. Many people have to evacuate from their own house, stay in the hotel.

Lost can't be avoided. Flood is no more fun for me at this age! Used to be, but not anymore. It has turned to grievance, lot of worry and sad. We know that when there is flood, usually my house area will be affected, but never to this extent. I've never imagined that happening there!!! And the worst may not yet to come! They still have to prepare for the worst. They need to top up their food, bear with darkness and mosquitoes, and imagine life without electricity!!! Can't charge your hand phone, can't watch TV, really lost in touch with outside world. I was there before, I know that feeling. Seems like no one cares about what happened to you.

I can only pray... that this will get over soon. Please.... My parents are on their way to Bogor, to my father's friend place. They will borrow his friend's car and driver to drive them back to home and put their car in his friend's house. I hope all of them can reach home safely. They might need to take the boat back home. Already reminded Mom to bring some food with them, at least they might need a week for the water to go down. SB, please help all of them who are suffering and in loss. Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - May all sentient beings live well. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

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Anonymous said...

yup. so sad to see them in trouble and we are too far away and cant do anything to help them.. only can pray.... yz

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