Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 3 at Kolkata

Breakfast at Cafe Swiss, Kolkata
We started our day by having breakfast in the hotel. It was in place called Cafe Swiss, located at 6th floor. While choosing what to eat, the Restaurant Manager started introducing himself to us. He also explained to us the variety of breakfast that was available. When we were eating, the Executive Chef had also come to us and introduced himself to us. He was expecting that I would go and have breakfast there, knowing that I had come all the way from Singapore to Kolkata and booked using staff rate. And also, tomorrow, there will be two Chef colleagues who will fly to Kolkata and work in their place for the Singapore Food Promotion.

The General Manager of the hotel passed by too when we had our breakfast. The Exe Chef introduced him to me. I was telling him that I would pay a visit to see his secretary and he told me to come to his office to find her. So, after that, Riku and I went to see GM's secretary, Stephanie.

Me and Stephanie
We didn't really have any plan to go anywhere. So, when she offered me if I would like to browse around the hotel area, I agreed to her almost immediately. It was just feeling good to be able to see how the other properties look like and to get more experience. She brought us around to the hotel, such as: finance office, purchasing office, laundry, female locker & slumber room, staff cafetaria, cold production kitchen, pastry kitchen, general store, receiving area, spa, gym, infinity view of swimming pool, ballrooms, etc. She also recommended us to few shops as I was telling her that I had no idea what to buy from Kolkata. When done, we separated.

Riku and I went to have our afternoon tea again, buying at usual place, served with pottery cup. The cardamon tea was very nice. We sat in the middle of the mall area, drinking tea and chatting. We talked about anything that came out from our mind. Because usually we communicate mostly by exchanging email or reading blog. So we used this opportunity to talk more about life. After that we went to buy thing in supermarket.

Swissotel Kolkata - Great and wonderful stay!!!
In the evening, we met up again for dinner. We had our dinner in food court again. This time I had Chinese Hakka fried noodles plus hot and sour soup, while Riku was having his Indian mutton and chicken with rice. I think he likes to eat Indian food, especially rice with dishes, most of the time. Hehe... After that, again we browsed the shopping mall for a while. Then I asked him if he wanted to go to Indian sweets and snack shop, called Haldiram's. Stephanie said it was not far from the hotel. We could taking 'Auto rickshaw' - a three-wheel transportation mode - or we called it 'Bajaj' in Indonesia, to there. We could even take cycle rickshaw there too. Riku said, ok. So we decided to go there by auto rickshaw and go back to hotel by cycle rickshaw.

Me with Auto rickshaw - Kolkata
 In less than 10 minutes, we reached Haldiram's. When going inside, I recalled that my colleague bought some sweets from there too when he visited Kolkata for work. So, after going one round, I then decided what to buy. I was not familiar with Indian sweets and snacks, so I just bought some for my colleagues, friends, neighbors, etc.

Riku with cycle rickshaw
So, that was at the end of our journey in Kolkata. Next day, I came back to Singapore on morning flight. It was short, but fulfilling. We tried different types and modes of transport there. Visiting great places. Food was wonderful. I could eat almost everything. Haha... All the worries that I had before traveling there had all gone.

Thanks SB for protecting us during our stay, giving us good health (I was worrying that I would catch gastric flu, stomachache, fever, and so on, but I didn't), letting us to meet up with many different people (including many new Bhutanese friends), visiting some wonderful places in Kolkata, experiencing life of Bhutanese students in India, and many other important aspects that are useful for my life. I feel so grateful and blessed. Hope Riku has felt the same too.. bringing back some important aspects in his life, back to Bhutan.

Thank you Riku for accompanying me in this Kolkata trip, because otherwise I would wander this city alone since Tashi couldn't make his Kolkata trip on time. Despite a very long journey that you had to go through and many other difficulties you had, you still kept your word to come to this place. Kadinche-la!!!


Anonymous said...

disangka VIP dr hotel spore yah..buat audit? hehehehe

Riku said...

Nice post, Rima. In fact, it's a wonderful trip. And you have beautifully crafted down all those beautiful memories on your blog. Have a good day!

Overcome said...

Thanks Riku! Have a good day to u too!

Jenny Dsouza said...

Very interesting to read Day 3 at Kolkata..
restaurants in kolkata

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Jenny! :)

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