Sunday, February 24, 2013

Isabella = 1386 = SGD$2000

Do you wonder the relation of the above title??

Just heard from a friend that someone in the neighborhood just won SGD$ 2,000 on Wednesday as the number 1386 was coming out as 1st prize 4D. And how this person got the number 1386 from?? It was from a Channel 8 series broadcasted every weekday night at 9pm, called 'It's a Wonderful Life'. One of the character was named Isabella, and since it is a Chinese drama, this Isabella was called in Chinese number as 1386 (Yi Shan Ba Liu). It has similar sound with 'Isabella'.

Hahaha... Sounds funny, but this name and number really brought luck! And $2,000 is a very good amount where you only paid for $1 ticket :D

Again, if it's urs, however funny and weird it is, it is urs.... :)

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