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Lovely December ^^ - Part 2 - Legoland in Johor, Malaysia

Saturday, 21st December 2013 
Our first visit to Legoland near Christmas time :)

Our block RC (Residents’ Committee) organized a one-day trip to Legoland (Lego-themed theme park). It’s a Malaysia’s first International Theme Park located in Johor, opened in September last year. I heard about it before but had never been there before. So, at 8.40am, we departed from our house's block together with other residents in our neighborhood. There were 40 of us in one bus. Mostly it was family with children, lots of children!!!

Two kids tried to barge in the Legoland :P

Below is how the Legoland Map looks like. See how big the place is!!! When I first looked at it from the outside, I thought the place was so small. I was a bit disheartened and thought not going to visit it again. However, there were lots of places to see and play. We were there from 11am to 5.45pm and not every corner been visited yet.
Legoland Map
Other than the theme park, there are also hotel (will be opened next year) and water park. The water park seemed fun too! Perhaps next time I will go to visit both theme park and water park, and stay for a night or two at its hotel. Let's see!!! ^^

Merry Christmas 2013 Ho Ho Ho :)
Here we were!!! There were lots of things made of Lego everywhere we went. It was amazing how they could build it from the small piece of Lego bricks!!

Lego everywhere!!!

Even built the animals from Lego!! They were cute, weren't they???

Animals made of Lego bricks

My friend and I couldn't stop taking photos. My son was showing his black face since his purpose there was to play. Lolx!!! He was afraid that the sky was going to rain and asked us to walk faster and stop taking photos hahaha... 

Below was the first game we played. There were some quite innovative and interactive games that you couldn't find at other theme park. One of them was this one, called Lego Rescue Academy. This game was specifically meant for a family with 2 kids. Four people to board into one of these 4 vehicles. Two adults were there to push the handle so that the vehicle could walk forward. Once it reached the building which was on fire, they had to immediately go down. 2 adults were to pump the water and 2 kids were to aim the water to the spot which was on fire. 

After shooting enough water, the sign would change, which means the firefighters had done a great job in extinguishing the fire. They had to ride the vehicle back by pushing the handle again, returned back to the original position. Sounds easy, wasn't it?

But, do you know how hard it was to push the thing for the vehicle to move?? It was very tiring la!!! At first, my son was so exciting when he pushed the handle. After a while, he felt so tired and had no energy to push anymore. Yalama!! We were sweating and our hands stiffed after playing this game. 

Only after it's over, I then recalled on what my eldest sis told us during chatting. That time my 3rd sis was complaining that her son made her to have a ride on a duck pedal boat when they visited Garut. Her son would happily sit next to her and enjoy the ride while my sis had to pedal the boat by herself. After that, my eldest sis told us that my 3rd sister's son made them (she and my brother) to exercise too (this time was hand exercise) when playing the fire extinguishing game in Legoland. Then I understood why she said so. But it was too late for me as we had finished playing the game. Lolx!!! No more next time on this game, I guess!! Not for me, at least! Hahaha.... :P

See how tired we were!!! Lolx!

Another game was called Kid Power Tower. Here, two persons to play together as a team. I played with my son. We had to pull the cable up in order to let our seat going up. After reaching the top, we could choose to stay there or to go down. If you chose to go down, you had to go up again, whatever you wanted. See photo below (right below part)

Many different games to play!!!
This park was marketed to families with younger children (11 years and below). However, there were other games that adult could play too, such as Dino Island. See photo on top (left top part). 

Before playing, my son and my friend had already warned me that we would get wet. We could choose not to get wet by either buy their poncho (raincoat) or don't play at all hahaha... I didn't want to spend unnecessary money (like buying poncho) just to play this game. So I told my son, "Don't worry la, it's only wet a bit. Why you were so scared of water??" He had no choice but to follow my words.

My friend was waiting for us as she didn't dare playing the games like this. That day it was crowded in the park, but luckily we didn't have to queue for so long at each ride. We could store our bags at the provided rack before we got into our boat. Before going up, like usual, the boat would bring us around and let us see many Dinosaurs made by Lego bricks. It was quite nice, but the journey wasn't long and we went down. I had no time to get scary at all as what I could feel was a BIG splash on my face and body!!! Both of us was wet like hell!!! Hahahaha......... 

My son looked like after swimming... Lolx!!!

My son was wet from top to below. Both of us didn't bring any cloth from home. At the end, I had to buy a t-shirt for him as I didn't want him to catch a cold and the cost was much more than the price of two ponchos hahahaha.... :D Seriously, I had played this game in many different them parks, everywhere in the world, but this one was built really to get people wet like hell ya!!! You could see also in the photo, the rest of the passengers were all wet too!!!

After this ride, we watched the 4D movie at Lego Studio. We watched Lego Racers 2. We wore 4D glasses inside. The side effects, like the wind and snow, were really good. I really felt like flying or in mountainous snow. It blew my pants dry but I was freezing cold since my cloth was still wet. Yalama, I thought I would get sick immediately, luckily I didn't. After the show, I immediately went to toilet and made my cloth dried-out.

Lego bricks inside the Pizza Mania

We had our lunch after the show. We order family pizza combo (1 big Aloha Chicken pizza w/ 4 soups - mushroom or broccoli - and 4 soft drinks), a la carte pasta (Spaghetti Bolognaise) and a set of chicken wings at Pizza Mania. Nyummy!!! We ate until very full!!! Ready to continue our day!!!

We played a big roller-coaster games called The Dragon inside the Lego Kingdom. It was fun! But when we're about to reach the station back, there was some technical problem. It made us grilled under the heat of the sun for some time. OH, I thought I was dying by the heat from the sun and kept praying hard for a miracle that we could enter the station soon. I think there was some effect on my body due to the sun :( 

At Lego Kingdoms

The sun was suddenly so hot. I let my son playing the smaller roller-coaster called Dragon's Apprentice and The Dragon again while my friend and I was resting under the roof, sometimes browsing inside their store, looking around for some souvenir to bring back home. 

There was another fun game not to be missed, called Project X. It was like riding a car, but more like roller-coaster. My son played twice while I played once.

Project X at Legoland

While walking, I took picture of everything that related to Lego. Body dryer, dust bin, decals on the glass windows, Coca Cola advertisement, etc.

Once done, we went to visit Miniland. There were lots of building made by Lego - resembling well-known places from Asia. Check out the photos below.

Singapore, Malaysia, China, Brunai, Vietnam, etc.

Cities mostly in Malaysia

Many different places from Asia

Cruise, ports, airport, etc.

It was beautiful, wasn't it? All was mostly made of Lego. Sometimes I wondered how creative the person who built all that. They deserved a well-praise la! Well done!

We still had about an hour time and we used it for shopping :) My friend and I bought some stuffs back home. Oh ya, btw, there were lots of stalls for playing games inside the theme park. They offered an attractive prize to bring back home like big Minion dolls, big panda dolls, big cow dolls, etc. They were all so cute :)

Three of us together in front of The Big Shop
We gathered with others at 5.45pm and departed back to Singapore at 6pm. Reached at 8pm. We had our dinner at coffee shop nearby my house and finally returned back home. It was a wonderful trip!!! We had a great time together!!! Thank you for the good karma given to all of us :)


Kipchu Namgyel said...

Lucky he was(your son) to have got such a loving and caring mom.Nice photographs.Had nice time going through.

Overcome said...

Thank you Kipchu for your comment! Indeed he is lucky. Hope he is grateful and appreciate it. As you know I only have one child and I don't know how long I can stay healthy and strong hehehe... Just want to live life to the fullest and let him have a wonderful memories :)

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