Sunday, March 09, 2014

Beautiful sketch by Au Kinzang Tshering :)

It was on 5th March when I commented on Acho Tshering Dorji's (the Bhutanese blogger cum book writer - "Living the Bhutanese Way" was one of his creations) sketch, which was drawn by his former roommate back in college days, who was not only a blogger, but also a self-taught artist who had great amount of passion for an art of drawing and painting.

Bhutanese children book cover - The Three Friends (Source: Facebook - Kinsart)

Children books illustrated by Au Kinzang Tshering (Source: Facebook - Kinsart)

I called him Au Kinzang Tshering. The above books were illustrated by him. He drew it for Mdm Chador Wangmo, a Bhutanese tale story writer. You might have seen or bought the books before at the DSB Enterprises or Junction Bookstore back in Thimphu.

Au Kinzang had also his own Facebook page called Kinsart. You could find more of his drawings and illustrations over there by liking his page :)

In the comment, I was asking him if he could draw me too. Perhaps it's because of Acho Tshering comment, who asked him to draw me in Kira, the next day he was asking me about it on Facebook message. Very fast, he agreed to draw me, told me that he would try to finish it by end of this month.

I tried to find my photo with Kira and decided to use the photo with Phurba Thinley, the 13th Bhutan National Awards winner as a male lead actor and comedian actor, whom Riku and I met accidentally along the Nordzin Lam road during the first day of the Thimphu Tsechu last year. Riku was the one who noticed his presence and he was also the one who stopped him and asked him if he could spare little of his time to take a photo with me and that was how the photo below was taken. Thank you la Riku! :)

Me and Bhutanese comedian King, Phurba Thinley :)

I sent the above photo to Au Kinzang. And that night, Au Kinzang tagged me and posted the below picture on his Kinsart page - sketching again.

First sketch

Wow, that's a pretty fast starting! It showed how passionate he was towards drawing!

Second sketch

Yesterday night he tagged me again on the second sketch. Wow, he drew it beautifully. Maybe it was even more beautiful than the real me hehe... And if you noticed on what Au Kinzang commented into the sketch, I think he wanted to give me this sketch, finish it as soon as possible, as a gift for celebrating the Woman's Day, which fell yesterday, 8th March 2014. Wow! I was very happy la! He kept on working on the sketch and asked my opinions about it from time to time. I told him if it would be great if he drew nice Kira for me. That's also why he wrote that I deserve a Kishu Thara (a beautiful pattern of hand-woven clothes in Khoma).

Final sketch by Au Kinzang Tshering - Kinsart

Just minutes before midnight Bhutan time,  he finally finished his sketch. Look at the beautiful Kishu Thara on my Kira! Also the cute bag "♡ Bhutan". I wish I have a real ones! Haha... Wow! Thank you so much Au Kinzang! I'm very honored to be drawn by you. I can see your passion on it. Within 3 days time you finished drawing it beautifully! Name same kadinche-la Au!

Below is the photo taken during first bloggers' meeting held last year August, where Au Kinzang Tshering attended with other famous bloggers in Bhutan :)

Photo courtesy: Passu Sir :)

From left to right: Riku Dhan Subba, Au Kinzang Tshering, Nawang Phuntsho, Sogyel Tobgyel, and Passang Passu Tshering.
hand-woven cloths from Khoma


Kipchu Namgyel said...

Beautiful la...

Sonam Tenzin said...

He is one multi-skilled person. Liked the sketch he made of you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful drawing for beautiful lady.. Worth to wait!
Yes,, I like the cute bag too and the pattern of the cloth.
Well done!

Sangay Cholden said...


Sherab Tenzin said...

Wonderful madam Rima. You're fortunate to be sketched by him.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sangay and Sherab! Yes, indeed I'm very lucky and fortunate, also grateful :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kipchu, Sonam and Yz for your kind words. Au Kinzang is really great in drawing it! Salute for him! :)

Passang Tshering said...

Rima, I thank Au Kinzang too for portraying you in Kira and illustrating your love for Bhutan. You are one Singaporean who is so much connected to us besides Aum Pek (Of course She is now fully ours).

Au Kunzang did a very good job on your pic. He is one passionate artist.

I can feel your energy through your Au, Achu and sir words... Mis you back!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Passu for your kind words :) Now I understand what you mean when you asked me to remain connected to Bhutan hehehe...

I will Passu, as long as there is fate between me and Bhutan, I will always love to remain connected and to go back to visit Bhutan again one day :)

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