Saturday, March 08, 2014

Counting down to OCBC Cycle Singapore 2014 :)

OCBC Cycle 2014 (Source:

22 more days to the 27 km Community Ride Challenge - an annual cycling event organized by OCBC Bank. A bunch of colleagues and dear friends are going to participate for this event. Pin the date please, it will be on Sunday, 30th March 2014.

My buddy almost forgot that she booked a short holiday on that day. Luckily she managed to change her travel date to another date.

Another buddy was worrying about the haze that came on and off these past few weeks. She had a respiratory problem and haze would surely affect her breathing. I told her to think positive and hope that everything would be fine.

As for me, I continued my cycling practices from time to time when the weather permitted. These days the sky turned dark later than usual. At 7 pm the sky was still quite bright. If I didn't smell any burning thing, I would faster prepare my bike and go out to the park. Weekdays or weekend, as long as the weather was good, I would go out and cycle. At the same time it helped me burning out some fat after having big meals hehehe...

It was quite windy at night. Sometimes I had to put in so much effort to cycle when the wind blew towards my direction. I had to face the flying insects in front of me too. Sometimes it hit my eye and I had to force my eye to produce tears so the insect could go out from my irritable eye. I tried to solve this problem by looking for glasses, a transparent one, not the usual sunglasses that would look dark when you were wearing it.

Glasses to protect my eyes while cycling :)

I finally found it out at Daiso few days ago. Uhuyyy! Problem was solved! This evening I went trying it and it worked very well!  :) Other than protected my eyes from insects, it also protected my eyes from strong wind and dust. It was wide enough to cover my both eyes. I think I will wear it during the OCBC cycling :)

Nowadays I was wearing my sport shoes too while cycling. Before that, I always wore my flip flop as it felt much nicer and cooler. Until one day I hurted my big toe while trying to stop the bike using my both feet instead of pressing the brakes. I was looking at the colorful flying kites high up in the sky. The sky was dark but it was illuminated by the blinking lights from the kites. I was mesmerized by it and didn't control my bike well. It slipped to lower ground, stony and grassy. I was panic and shocked trying to stop my bike. Hahaha... And it happened again when I tried to look at the wound while cycling. Luckily the wound recovered fast as I tried to keep it dry and clean by changing the gauze twice a day. So after that, my hubby asked me to wear my shoes and not my flip flop.

People would only learn from mistakes no?  Haha... Safety came first. And I felt better and safer now with all the gear :)

Beautiful sunset captured from the park :)

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