Thursday, March 13, 2014

Living Fully – Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche

“We can endeavor to live freely and simply from day to day.
Determine what you truly need.
You may discover that you can be comfortable and content with much less than you imagined.
Cleanse yourself of attachment to material possessions and resist becoming consumed with trivial matters.

One day at a time, see if you can live without being controlled by anger, attachment, jealousy, or pride.
If you can remain content with yourself, you can achieve peace and comfort very easily.
Give yourself time to breath and appreciate your life.
When you are living simply and have more space, ask yourself these profound questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is meaningful?

We chase after unrequited love or jockey for a promotion at work.
We surround ourselves with friends and loved ones in hopes of finding comfort and security.
Most of our lives are spent looking for peace and happiness outside of our own minds and hearts.
This is the source of our problems and the cause of our discontentment.
If you can effectively master your mind and manage your life, this is more than enough.
You are successful.” 
- on Simplicity

“Life is like a rainbow, so beautiful and colorful one moment, and in the next moment nonexistent!
Life is like a candle in the wind; at any moment the flame can be extinguished, leaving us in the darkness.
That is how uncertain and short our lives are!

Never take life for granted.
Make the most opportunities that life provides us each and every day.

Don’t lose the precious opportunity to become genuine and dignified beings.
If we can live with awareness and use our time well, we will depart this life gracefully and courageously, without looking back.”
– on Impermanence

“During your brief sojourn, try not to make too much fuss about flows in your life.
Whatever presents itself in this very moment is it.
Without awareness, one will never be able to handle relative circumstances gracefully.
Let’s not waste our breath trying to change what already is.
Do not invest too much time in what can never bring lasting fulfillment.”
– on Just a Short Stay

Very simple to read but very difficult to practice it into our daily life

“Whatever benefit I have gained from this practice, may the residual effect last for many days, years and lifetimes.
May everyone, including myself, benefit from the wisdom and clarity accumulated from this practice, until all beings attained enlightenment.
Whatever merit I have gained, I dedicate it for the welfare of all sentient beings.”
– on Dedication After Meditation


Unknown said...

That was awesome.Specially those questions.

Overcome Life said...

Yes Kipchu, it's an awesome book by Rinpoche. The rest of the writings are very meaningful too but I love this one very much :)

tshewang1818 said...

wow really wonderful and love to read the whole book.....

Overcome Life said...

Yes Tshewang, this book is one of the best :) Have a wonderful weekend!

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