Sunday, March 30, 2014

OCBC Cycling 2014

OCBC 2014
It's my fifth attempt joining the OCBC Cycling with my fellow colleagues and besties this year :)

OCBC 2010 to 2014
I'm very happy and grateful that most of us managed to finish our journey safely. Read here about what other people experienced and that's why I felt very grateful that we were all safely returned from our ride despite some complained about the delay.

We started late today as there was a serious accident at the first turn, during the second wave of the Challenge (40 km ride), which required the organizer to deploy an ambulance on the route. It caused the 30-minutes delay on the Community Ride (27 km) participants. We supposed to start at 7 am.

And due to this delay, many cyclists couldn't continue riding as the road had to be opened (missed the cut-off timing). Fyi, they closed the main road that usually opened for vehicles for this event. However, there was a cut-off timing. See the picture below for your info.

Note on cut-off time
At one point, few of my colleagues had to discontinue their cycling. They had no choice but to send their bicycles on top of the truck. They boarded on the bus provided. They waited somewhere until the truck reached. Then, they waited for quite some time until their bicycles unloaded and collected it back. After that, they continued riding until the finish line.

Mr Sunny said hello when we were about to start :)

I started my ride at 7.35 am, just nice the sun had just risen into the sky. It was round and beautiful in orange. Good that the sky was clear and no haze around.

Waiting for our turn to start
This time there were more participants too. See the photo above. We were all patiently waiting while the Starting line was still far in front of us.

The journey this time was 3 km longer than the previous one. There were few slopes up and down during the journey, which made my both legs pain enough hahaha... :D There were numbers of accidents seen along the way that I had to keep reminding myself and praying that all of us to be safe until reaching the destination.

After 1 hour and 35 minutes, I finally reached the finish line. Thank Buddha that nothing bad happened to all of us, except for the delay. I was enjoying the ride during the whole journey. It was the only time where I could feel free riding alone on such a wide road and highway, especially when the bike was riding down the slope. I shouted sometimes to release the tension hahaha...

There were many people wearing funny clothes spotted during this event. Enjoy the pictures below and hope all of you had a wonderful weekend too!!! :)

Fun times at F1 Pit - OCBC Cycling 2014


dumcho wangdi said...

I dint realize that you are a talented and skillful cyclist besides being a leading blogger.
The photos that you have added were just revitalizing and capturing.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Dumcho for your kind comments but you were flattering me la. Actually I'm just an average person who love doing things that I love doing and make the most from what I have in life. I'm passionate about cycling, blogging, reading and enjoying all that. But I'm very far from what you mentioned :) I'm doing all that just for fun and be happy :) Have a great week ahead to you!

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