Sunday, March 02, 2014

Singapore - Dragon City

My mom came to Singapore yesterday. She had something to attend over here. As usual, me and families, my brother and families and her, went out for dinner tonight.

My mom wanted to eat crab as Singapore was famous for its Singapore chili crab dish. Therefore, 8 of us went to one of the crab restaurants located not too far from my brother's place.

It was five minutes to six pm when we reached. We forgot that today was Saturday and there were lots of people queuing before us. Yalama! If we had known early, we would go there early too.

Crowded and long queue @Crab Restaurant

While waiting, we put up our order. We took turn in queuing. First me, second my brother, and last one was my hubby. It took us 1 hour and 20 minutes until we got our table.

Oh, happy no? But to our nightmare, we had to wait for another one hour until our food arrived. Yalama kheno!

The best thing was, while we were eating, we still saw many people were lining on the queue. Perhaps by the time their turn came, they would enjoy their supper rather than dinner. Lolx!

It reminded me when I had to queue the Tian Tian chicken rice for Sithar and Palden, also, a super long queue in River Safari, where people queued to see one Panda inside. OMG!

All those incidents reminded me one of the stories from "Other Cities, Other Lives" written by Chew Kok Chang. Btw I'd just finished reading it this afternoon and I enjoyed his stories there very much.

I took photo on one of the story, "Dragon City", which he referred it to Singapore. (Actually, I heard that Singapore was known as "Lion city", or perhaps a "Fine city", but I never heard about "Dragon city". However, after reading the story, I came to understand why.)

Dragon City part one

Dragon City part 2

I hope you also understand now why Mr Chew said that Singapore is a dragon city. Have a great weekend everyone! :)


Sonam Tenzin said...

Haha. Now you are becoming more of a Bhutanese in writing also madam. That exclamatory part - Yalama kheno. lol

I got now how the city came to be called as Dragon city.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for your comment Sonam! But I think I've become more and more Singaporean now after more queuing took place quite recently hehe...

Kipchu Namgyel said...

looking forward to join that queue once mam.You inspires us to come there....haha...dragon city.Dragon sounds familiar.

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... It's good to hear that Kipchu. One day when you really come to dragon city, please let me know and I'll let you experience to be part of the dragon's scales :P

Tshewang Dorji said...

Nice and so aptly used of the word Yalama Kheno! it...;)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tshewang for your kind words! Have a great week ahead! :)

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