Friday, April 18, 2014

If we were having wine, I'd tell you...


+ that it had been gloomy almost a whole day plus sounds of thunderstorms and splashes of lightnings roaring over the cloudy and dark sky. Very unlikely for me to go picnic as my son and I had planned early this morning. Instead I cooked him a delicious pasta - Spaghetti Aglio Olio - for dinner tonight as to compensate for the bad weather and brighten up his gloomy day :)

Delicious pasta for my dear ones :)

+ that I was having neck pain these past two days due to watching the reality and variety show - Running Man - on my Ipad while lying down lazily on my comfortable bed for two nights consequently. It was quite irritating that the scene was replayed over and over again in latest episodes, not sure why they had to do it that way :(

+ that nothing had ever changed in my dining area, all exactly the same. Full of food, snacks, tidbits all over the dining table. You ought to come and visit me often to help me finishing it up rather than I ate it alone and grew fatter. Unavoidable!

At this time, I'd refill your wine glass for second serving because your glass would be empty if you were just like me. I'd like to drink my sparkling wine cold, sans ice. In that process, I would lift up my glass, and ask you to 'cheers' with me and have bottoms up at once. Lolx! Such a drinker I was! And I'd ask how things on your life were. "Any boyfriend or girlfriend?" That would be the next question I'd ask you. Not because everyone would ask me that, just because I was such a curious chap that often felt curious and sometimes insensitive towards other's feeling. Yalama kheno!

Sorry if I ever asked you that questions but I really didn't have any intention to know in depth about your relationship, it was just general thing I would ask and if your answer was positive, I would be very happy just because you were happy. But if there wasn't any, perhaps I would ask you on the reason 'why'? Hahaha... As the wine was swallowed more, the more things I would question, and of course, pour your glass with more wine so that you would answer my questions more bravely and happily. Lolx!

+ Yes, as you saw, I hadn't cut my hair for a long time now, at least half year. How fast my hair had grown. I cut my hair so short before and almost everyone said I looked so young with short hair. Didn't mean that I looked old with long hair, but I just wanted to look more woman ba! Lolx! Until one day I got fed up with my boring long hair, then I would cut it short and become young again. Hohoho... ^^

+ Oh ya, had I told you that my hubby wasn't around since Monday? I was so forgetful lately! He went overseas visiting my sister and had great long break by himself. Not that he didn't want me to join him but I had work to do as to cover my colleague who also went overseas for holiday these 10 days. But next month we would eventually meet up and have a short holiday together ;)

By this time, I could see your face becoming red and you laughed more. The salty snacks made you thirsty and you drank even more and faster. I guessed it's time for you to go back home. Not that I didn't welcome you to stay longer, but it's safer for you to leave early before you got really drunk. I was just afraid that you couldn't find your way back home. (If you were a woman, I would ask you to stay overnight. But if you were a man, I would open my main door open wide haha... requesting you to go back fast :P) I would always welcome you anyway and I was glad and grateful that I had you who accompanied me drinking together. Please join me again next time! ;)

Hope you had a great and wonderful long weekend as I do! Happy Good Friday once again!

(P.S. inspired from "If we were having coffee, I'd tell you..." Have a great weekend to you too Rekha! ^^)


Rekha Monger said...

Omo! I love love this. :)
That pasta is making me drool over here :P.
I know that Kim Woo Bin, one of my favorite was shooting for Running Man,let me know in which episode is he in if you see him.

I love this moments over this post.

Happy Easter and enjoy your weekend with your lovely son. Let the hubby be out of your league for now, wink...

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Rekha and glad you enjoyed reading this post ;)

Kim Woo Bin has just appeared in Australia's Running Man ep 188,189 and 191. Previously he was at the series 138. Go and watch it! You will have your stress relieved ;)

Tshewang Dorji said...

"If we were having wine together, i'd tell you that the more i drink, the more i like to do bottoms up, the more i become talkative!....LOL"

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... Thank you Tshewang for your comment! ;)

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