Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A piece post from Tassie

Time flies. It's been 5th day I'm in Australia. Right now we're still at Tasmania. It's our last night being together actually. I didn't buy any phone card to connect to Internet here and depend a lot only to free Wi-fi connection. There were days where there was no free Wi-fi available. That's why I didn't have chance to write or post any blog here.

However, I just want to drop by and post this photo. Actually this photo was sent by my hubby who joined a tour in Melbourne. He saw this on the tour bus. The woman in the picture was looked just like me. Hahaha.... I was laughing out loud looking at that and decided to post it here. Let me know your opinion, was it looking like me? :D


Flora Yang said...

now i realized that you also posted this photo on bus in facebook too, but,as soon as i have seen it, it ur image what i was seeing, and i still thought it was you only. Yes she resembles glad i read the truth now

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha.... Yes Flora, it wasn't me but someone who resembled me :)

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