Saturday, May 17, 2014

Eyes and brain

The traditional proverb ever said, "The eyes are the window of the soul." But I would say, "The eyes are one of the parts of our body that absorb whatever we see and record it into our brains that others are unable to steal it. It's one of our treasure possession that we have to treasure." With it, I can see the incredible beauty in life.

I feel very grateful being able to travel to many places in my life. I've been seeing and witnessing many things that happen around the world. It always amazes me how people, plants, animals, language,  culture, buildings' structures, etc. are very different from one country to another. And 'Airport' has played lots of magic in my life. It transported me from one place to another within hours of journey. When I land, I have reached another place already. It always gives me surprise and wonders. I never stop saying "WOW!!!" when I reach the destination.

Yesterday my sis, her elder son, my hubby and I had a one night journey to Phillip Island, about 3 hours drive from her house. Well, when they said going to see Penguins, hmmm... I thought, I saw it before in Singapore Zoo. So, well, let's see how it looked like.

After browsing three other places, we finally reached the Penguin Parade area in the evening time, witnessing the sunset until the sky turned into the dark. We sat down in stage alike position, just in front of the beach. We had to pay AUD23.80 per pax in order to see it. And the best thing was, no photograph or video taking were allowed as it would scared the penguins. So we purely had to depend on our eyes and brain to see and record the whole process and couldn't share it to others.

Well, my first impression when we had to pay the money was - 'What??? It's supposed to be natural things to see penguins to return back to its burrows, and why we had to be charged for that?' But the staff had explained that these penguins were about to extinct in many years to come. They were there to protect them, take care of them and that's why we were charged just to see them.

Hmmm.. When I saw it myself how the group of penguins were returning from the sea back to the land, I admitted that they were all very cute and if they weren't protected, as the staff had just said, it would soon vanish from this island as people would kidnap them one by one and brought them back home and make them into one of their pets since they were all too cute to be true!

We were all amazed with the way they walked, how they ran sometimes, how they were mating too sometimes when being caught hehe..., and it brought everyone at all ages, to love them, to like them. And you know what? When we looked up at the sky, we found another thing that amazed us, which were the stars! There were billions of it shining beautifully high in the sky!!! They were the other things that we couldn't capture their beauty using photograph. Therefore, our eyes were the only things that witnesses the greatness of the nature beauty, that couldn't be shared with others in form of photographs. I was like having 'double fortune' for watching the penguins and the stars.

But soon, the third fortune appeared when we drove to our apartment. We saw the big round, bright and beautiful moon looked very close to the earth. That was the other nature that only our eyes could see but couldn't be captured by our camera.

My sister was right. The moon here in Australia looked bigger than in country where we lived. The stars looked so much more and bright than what we usually saw in Singapore. Well, perhaps I was just lucky? But I was very grateful being able to experience and see all that by myself and I would always remember those moments within my brain. Thank you SB for everything! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. And since no photograph was allowed or being able to be captured, no photos posted here ^^ Hope all of you have a great weekend!


Lekey Choden Dorji said...

I can already see the penguins ;) Beautiful description.Loved it mam :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you so much Lekey for being able to feel their beauty by just reading what I wrote here. You too love photography. I'm sure you understand what I felt from the post above. Have a wonderful Sunday! :)

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