Friday, May 02, 2014

My wildest dream :)

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Only in the darkest sky
I could see the brightest stars
Millions of it shone dazzlingly
All looked so near, dear, and brilliant

All surround me was the big patch grass
The paddy, wheat, and some areca nut trees 
Towering the blanket of fields

As I walked into the soil
I could feel it’s wet, humid and warm
After a day of the sun bath

As I looked down into my two barefoot feet
They were brownish in color
Beautified by the splash of mud

I never felt so close to nature like this
It was like a beautiful dream that I never wanted to wake up
The feeling was simply wonderful

I wanted to sit on it instead of walking ahead
I wanted to lie on it and lay both my hands and feet freely
I wanted to just be there enjoying that present moment
Kept looking up high, high and high

Forgot everything 
Who I was?
Where I was from?
Why I was there?
What made me being there?
How long would I stay?
Just emptied my mind on it
Just let go all other things that made me on who I am
Just opened my eyes and kept looking, looking, and looking
Until I fell asleep and continued on 
My wildest dream


Yeesi7 said...

Loved it. You had a very nice dream unlike mine, sometimes, quite violent, sometimes just too funny to be true. I was Johny Depp's herione in a movie. How cool is that? :D

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Yessi! That's whyt we called it a 'dream', which can be anything :) Your dream reminds me of my childhood dream, to be the famous Hong Kong superstar's gf. Lolx! ;)

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