Sunday, May 18, 2014

State Library of Victoria

State Library of Victoria in Melbourne

I always fond of visiting library since I love reading books. But fifteen years ago, when I first visited this city, I'd never been aware about its existence. Therefore, I'd never stepped into this place before.

This time round, I had a greater interest to visit this place since Running Man members were shooting in Episode 191 to find the historical books that would transport them to the past, as part of the show. They were filming in the Dome reading area, which I found significantly beautiful.

If you see the photo above, that's the outside part of the library. I think it looks more like a museum rather than a library. Don't you agree? Therefore, this time round I tried my best to spare some of my time to visit this place.

So, despite the hectic schedule that I had, I finally managed to go and browse around some of the area.

It's such a huge place. If you walked into the library straight, you would see the above place (Level 2 - Ground). The library provided free wireless Internet access plus the power points so that people were able to work on their things using laptop conveniently.  Many students were seen doing their school's project, assignment, etc.

Redmond Barry reading room

At level 2A you would find the Redmond Barry reading room. It's big and bright. Many books could be found over there.

Once upon a time

At the same level, you could find a Cowen gallery with lots of paintings. On this day, there was a 'Once upon a time: a world of children's picture book art' exhibition, also at a Cowen gallery.

And the above photo was taken at Level 3, the Dome reading area. The green lamp gave an unique feature and more contrast color to this structure.

Various racks full of books collection filled the room. Oh my! It's such a pamper for everyone lived there! Especially those students who studied or lived nearby the area. Hope they could make use the facility to the fullest and enjoy reading many of their favorite books, or even finding some knowledge for their research study, project, assignments, and so on.

Dome at State Library of Victoria

But anyway, I was grateful enough to live in Singapore where there were so many libraries available, even in neighborhood area so that we didn't have to travel far just to borrow the books. It might not as big and as grand as in Melbourne, but the most important thing was that the book collections were up to date and available enough for people to borrow.

Now here, in this case, I'm very grateful too bring able to visit this marvelous place. It's such an eye opener to see how other country's library looked like. Click here if you want to get more information about the library above.

Blog readers, you may want to share too how the library looks like in your own country and hope you enjoyed reading this post! :)


Choki Gyeltshen said...

Nice blog here, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Hope you will like it. Visit

Rima Reyka said...

Hi Choki, name same kadinche-la for nominating me as the first one on your list to receive the Liebster Award :) I feel very honored to be chosen by you and glad that you appreciate my blog as one of your favorites ^^

However, I'd been nominated before. Read it on my post here:

Congratulations for you for being nominated! I love your blog post and photography too! Keep writing and take care! :)

Anonymous said...

You should see more library photos on your hubby's camera. Because level 4 is closed when we arrived there. More beautiful design and collection in his camera.

Rima Reyka said...

Hi yz! I just saw the photos yesterday night. Yup, it's taken from different view. Thank you for bringing us there! :)

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