Friday, May 09, 2014


From my bestie’s photo in Facebook (his official trip to Hobart, Tasmania, from Sydney where he lived), I got to know about my besties’ (who were my ex-schoolmates) plan for a trip to Tasmania held this month. They had asked me before to travel together to Australia, but I had no idea where they wanted to go, when and how long. Perhaps they mentioned about Tasmania before, but I had no idea what Tasmania was, how it looked like, where was it, what to see, and so on. I rejected their offer right away since I had just traveled to Seoul beginning of the year for 10 days and I was afraid if I had no enough leave to spare in case I had a plan to travel to another place this year.

So, at the last week of March, I enquired their plan, like when, how long, where to visit, how many were going, and so on. They had already four in a group. Eh, I thought 1 car could fit max 5 persons no? I checked the dates. It would be middle of the month and seemed that I could make it. So, I asked them if they could still accept one more participant, which was me, to join in their trip. I checked with SJ, the planner, main organizer of most of the trip’s itinerary, car rental, accommodation, etc., if the hotels’ arrangement had been confirmed, or if there was any way for me to fit into their arrangement. After much consideration (perhaps she discussed it with my other friends beforehand), they allowed me to join in. Yayyy!!!! Thank you gals for letting me in!!!

Actually, the main enticement for me to join them was not the place. I wanted to join them because it was such a rare occasion that I could travel with a group of besties oversea together. I always said that life is short, enjoy life to the fullest. This way, I wanted to spend my precious time with my besties oversea, together: together we would experience what natures could offer; together we would spend time and create beautiful memories. 

They planned to fly to Sydney first though, because it was where SJ staying. I checked the available ticket from Singapore and tried to find the suitable timing and also checked how long I would be able to go. Well, I couldn’t book the same flight with them as the ticket price had already increased. But Jetstar had a direct flight from Singapore to Melbourne, and there was a connecting flight from Melbourne to Tasmania with the convenient timing as well. Moreover, the prices were reasonable.

Well, I tried to minimize the transport cost by not purchasing the airplane’s meal, not renting any flight entertainment (instead, I brought my own entertainment such as: book and journal), and not even choosing seat (let them choose whatever seat available for me). Anyway, it was a night flight, so I planned to sleep on the plane, if possible. No high expectation on the comfortable chair and location though, just prayed and hoped that I could go through, endure and manage it well (almost 8 hours’ flight!).

Perhaps, we were fated and destined to travel together ba? :) Oh ya, due to the ticket’s availability and timing, I decided to fly to Melbourne instead of Sydney. Too bad that I couldn’t join them to Sydney though, because there were many other ex-schoolmates living there and whom I wanted to meet. Luckily I had visited the place before, many years back and I stayed there for almost 3 weeks?

However, I would also like to finally visit and spend more time with my sister and her families. So while my besties planned to fly back to Sydney from Tasmania, I would fly back to Melbourne and spend the rest of my time there. So, it’s a double fortune. Half time spent with besties, and half time spent with sister and my hubby. My hubby?  Hehe.. Yup, he was coming too. In fact, he had traveled there earlier than me. It was a last minute decision to go there and he had two-week time to enjoy in Melbourne by staying at my sister’s place. So I would be meeting him in Melbourne right after I ended my trip in Tasmania ^^

Wish us luck for this trip!!! Hope everything will go smoothly as per planned and all of us have safe journey all the way until we return back to Singapore. Hope it will be a fun trip, full of joy and laughter, time spent fully with friendship and love, and at the same time we will have a great enjoyment to experience the cleanest air, the purest rainwater, unspoiled natural environment, stunning natural wonders, a rich history, made it the most beautiful places to visit. Most importantly, we are given a chance to avoid the hot weather of Singapore for a while. He-he.. Anyway, wish us all the best ba!!!

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