Monday, May 05, 2014

These days, when it was just too hot over here!

Tsk tsk...
I could feel the hot air penetrated through my skin. Both my arms, neck, face, even my skull was starting to sweat. And it wasn't only me. My friends were started complaining too. "Oh... What kind of weather these days? It's so hot!!!"
"Ya ya, not only that. It was humid too!" said another.

"See? Your son keeps sweating non-stop." I turned my head to my dear son. Front part of his shirt was all wet.

"Was it your drinking water that made your shirt wet like that?" I asked him. He shook his head and rolled his eyes to me, "No la, it's my sweat." His face was all wet from the non-stop sweat.

"Are you sure? Not because of you spilled your drinking water?" I asked again to get his conformation. Again, he said that it was really due to his sweat.

I walked closer to him. His back part was wet and I could smell some odour appearing from his body. Yalama! How come and since when Singapore became this hot lately?

Even after stepped out from my office's door, I could feel the rising temperature more than ordinary. No wonder I spent my time mostly inside my office after finishing lunch from the Cafetaria. It was too hot just to be in normal temperature. Not yet counting on the bright sunshine in the afternoon time.

I preferred sitting behind my desk, put the earpiece inside my earlobes, listened to Choe da nga song sent by my friend, Tshering, while letting the cool air blown from our two sets of air-con inside our office. Then, I took out the Angela's Ashes from my satchel bag and continued reading from the last part I read from inside the MRT until my lunch time was over.

Even after reaching back home, I faster took a bath, washed my hair and body using the hot water (to let go the tiredness from whole day working and non-stop meetings). But as soon as I finished bathing, I started to sweat again. Yalama Kheno! I warned myself to take cold water for bathing next time!!! Grrr.....!!!

While having dinner, I turned on the air-con inside my room, let the room cooling down before I entered it. Seemed like I couldn't live without air-con these days. Uh-oh! Not sure how long this would last. At the meantime, I was counting down on how many days more I could get rid of this hot weather and again enjoying winter time very soon out there. From the mirror I could see myself grinning and smiling, and daydreaming too, lost myself in another world with a popsicle on my hand.
Tsk tsk...

(P.S. Attributed this post by the current hot weather around Singapore and almost everyone I met complained about it)


Rekha Monger said...

Tsk tsk....Thimphu is still cold with lots of cloud these days. Where's the summer weather here? When is it coming? I just returned from the south. Oh boy i love the weather down there. So be content for the blessed weather hehe.

Rima Reyka said...

Yaya you are right! Indeed, I am content and feel blessed with this weather. I was actually recording this moment on this blog based on what happened here since too many people complained about it :) Thank you for your comment Rekha! Hope you enjoyed your past weekend with your family members ^^

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