Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beautiful handmade bookmark near Hougang MRT

This afternoon my hubby, son, and I went to Hougang eating our favorite Hainanese chicken rice, borrowing lots of awesome books from the Cheng San Library, and shopping some ingredients for tonight's steamboat - round two ;)

Me and the artist who draws the handmade bookmarks

While walking back to Hougang MRT station, I saw a Malay lady in her sixty sitting down on her wheelchair and she was fully surrounded with arts creations, mainly handmade bookmarks. When I drew myself closer, she told me that all was drawn personally by her and each bookmark costs S$2.

What attracts me was the colorful pictures that she drew plus the motivation quotes or wishes that she put on top of it. You can also make a personalized name bookmark. It can be written in English, Malay, and even Arabic words. Other than for your own use, you can also purchase it as a gift to other people. It will be such a nice and simple gift for someone special and each bookmark is laminated and added with ribbon on top to make it last longer and beautiful.

From the photo above you can see how she displays her creations. Other than bookmark, she can also sketch your face on the spot, which I forget to ask her how much it costs.

The handmade bookmark bought in Hougang

It will be the first day of fasting month tomorrow. I decided to buy to support her. At the same time I told her that I would put our photo together in my blog as to spread awareness about her creations and hopefully more people would visit and buy her products. So, if you like it, you can find her near Hougang MRT. She said most of the time she was stationed there unless if she wasn't feeling well.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Books read in the first half of the year 2014

June is coming to an end very soon. How has your first half of the year gone by? Has your mid-year goals in life accomplished? Was reading one of your must-do list instead?

Errr.... As far as I know, reading was not inside must-do list. I didn't put a goal like must read minimum how many books per month. No, I didn't.

However it has become part of my daily activity, especially while riding MRT to and from home. I just didn't want to waste half an hour on each journey or one hour per day just to play with my hand phone inside the MRT. Other than it can exceed my 4GB data plan per month, it is also not good for my eyes :)

My choices of books vary from Bhutanese short story books, local author books, inspirational book, novel, biography, Buddhist-teaching books, memoir, even literature book that I'm afraid most, based on friends' recommendation and whatever books found and available from the library.

Not bad! In some months I could read up to 6 books and there were minimum of 3 books read every month. There were lots of stories opened up my brain which were worth reading. 

My purposes of reading were mainly to feed my curiosity about what happened outside my usual world and how I could improve myself (spiritual growth) by reading those religious and self-improvement book as I believed that learning could also be done by reading. Sometimes it was as if the writer him or herself was talking directly to me :)

Below is the list of the books read so far:

January 2014

January 2014:
1. Dear Seday by Ugyen Gyeltshen
2. Love and Lust in Singapore by Goodwin, Tewari, and Hoye
3. Three Sisters of Sze by Tan Kok Seng
4. Love! Live Dangerously! And Have Fun! by Catherine Khoo

February 2014

February 2014:
1. The Hypnotist’s Love Story by Liane Moriarty
2. My Name Is Not Konnichiwa by Rodney Ee
3. The Hero by Rhonda Byrne
4. Hotel Tales by Hanley Chew
5. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty
6. Other Cities, Other Lives by Chew Kok Chang

March 2014

March 2014:
1. The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
2. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
3. The First Phone Call From Heaven by Mitch Albom
4. Living Fully by Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche
5. The Night Hunters by Lingi Jamtsho
6. What Makes You Not A Buddhist by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

April 2014

April 2014:
1. Looking For Alaska by John Green
2. Siu Tai by Felix Cheong
3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
4. Buttertea At Sunrise by Britta Das
5. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai w/ Christina Lamb

May 2014

May 2014:
1. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
2. Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
3. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

June 2014

June 2014:
1. The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck
2. Chicken Soup For The Preteen Soul by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Hansen, and Irene Dunlap
3. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

So, any other books recommended for me to read? Please advise :)

Hope you too keep your reading habits alive! Have a great day everyone! ^^

Monday, June 23, 2014

Benefits of cycling

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Below is my point of view towards the benefit of cycling. Basically it is divided into two: mental and physical benefits. There is no scientific proofs about the correctness but solely based on what I've experienced so far. Therefore, read it at your own risk! ;)

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Mental benefits of cycling:

1. It is a form of meditation. It enforces us to focus on our breathing. Breathing in, breathing out. In, out... In, out... at our own pace.

2. It trains us to be alert to our surrounding. Whenever we need to cross the road, make a sharp turn, make a big U-turn, overtake the other cyclists or other people, etc., we need to look at the overall situation in order to go through it safely and have a smooth journey.

3. It teaches us to always look forward, just like our life. Life goes on. It forces us not to look behind as it is very dangerous. We may fall down and hurt ourselves! So, what is over, is over!

4. It trains us to be brave, independent, lead, and decide our own way on where we want to go as we are alone in this journey. It requires us to analyse the type of risks we are facing too when choosing which path or way to go. It all requires our bravery and decision-making ability.

5. It trains us to be patient, especially when we have to face those riders who never ride at one side (dominate the whole road) and selfish walkers who treats the road as if it is owned by their grandfather.

6. When anger arises due to such circumstances, we are reminded not to always take life seriously. In fact, no one does. It is not as if we are in the competition to win trophy or something, but rather to have a leisure ride. Therefore, when we are irritated by others, remind ourselves on why we should make ourselves angry and unhappy? Instead, this realization leads us to forgive and forget them. In an instance, the smile will appear on our face and let unhappy things go

7. It requires determination, strong motivation and discipline to push us to make cycling happens, most importantly, passion. Think of how many times we give up cycling and instead, relaxing or watching TV? Laziness is the greatest enemy that attacks us anytime.

8. It frees our mind from anxiety, worry and reduces stress that coming from many area of our life, such as: long-day work, family problem, financial problem, heart-breaking experience, and so on. When cycling, we tend to forget all that and live in the present moment!

9. Sometimes it even gives an answer to our problem. When cycling, our brain still works but in relax state. We will have a clearer mind, think things thoroughly and at the end, it can give an idea on how to solve our problem. 

10. The first thing that we think when we go out for cycling: Our safety is a number one priority! We don't want to go out happily and come back with bruises marks or sometimes even with a much worse condition. With this kind of thinking, we have automatically felt that we want to treasure our lives, which many people are failing to have.

11. Cycling outdoor enables us to enjoy the nature surrounds us. It rejuvenates our soul and mind, especially the view sunset, sunrise, beautiful flowers, greenery, etc. 

12. Sometimes the wind blows against our direction and makes the saddle hard to be paddled and requires us to put in greater effort to ride. Take it as if it's a challenge that we are facing in front of us. Instead of stopping and giving up, we can choose to persevere and overcome that challenge. Anyway, it won't last forever. Just like the wind blows, wind can change direction or we can also change our direction. Eventually, things will change to the better.

13. Sometimes the road that we have to go through is up and down. We need to paddle hard in order to be in the 'UP' position. But once we are there, we will enjoy a greater view and then, have an easy ride and great enjoyment when going down. It just makes us realize that in life, 'No Pain, No Gain'.

14. To ride the bicycle, we must know how to balance. Interestingly, in order for us to have a good life, we also need to know how to balance! Think about how much time do you need to work, to spend with family, to rest, to spend with friends, to sleep, to pursue your hobby, and so on. If one thing is too much or too less, will you be happy?

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Physical benefits of cycling:

1. It is said that cycling is good for our heart. It can improve our cardiovascular fitness and decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. 

2. It builds our stamina. By practicing and doing more, we will have a much better stamina, which in results, the further distance we can go. E.g. today we cycle 10 km and after practicing the same distance for some time, we can increase the distance to 15 km without feeling too tired or too difficult. Or perhaps with the same timing, we can reach further distance. 

3. It builds up and tones our muscles, especially at the lower part of our body - the calves, thigh, hips, and rear end. 

4. With the built-up stamina and muscles, it can prepare us to engage in any other kind of activities, such as: walking a long distance road or up and down hill, hiking through mountains, etc. 

5. It trains us to coordinate our body parts and mind well as we need to focus while steering our bike, to control our speed, and to react fast when there is a sudden movement from other side, e.g. the small kid suddenly run or jump out from the safety zone into your lane. 

6. After a great deal of cycling and showering under the hot water, you'll sure have a very good quality of sleep and rest.

7. Just like other exercise, cycling can help us reducing the sign of aging - less wrinkles, look much younger than your actual age is, etc. - as it helps to flush the toxin out and to bring more Oxygen into our skin and produce Collagen as the essential items to keep young.  

8. And also, it helps you to lose weight. It is especially suitable for me, someone who loves eating ^^

So, the above are the total of 22 benefits that I can think of while cycling. There may be many other benefits that I didn't mention above. However, if you are interested, you can start it right away. 

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No bicycle? Well, it's the cheapest among the rest of other kind of transports though (compare it with motorcycle, car, etc.). Think about it! You can save time (rather than walk) and money (by taking bus or TAXI) by cycling to the nearby markets from your house, in case you are running out of your daily necessities. At the same time, you are exercising. Nice ah?

It is the air-pollution free item, unless you are farting while cycling, hohoho...  and no fuel required (don't have to headache over the increment of the fuel price!!!) Therefore, you are taking part in saving the earth and go-green activity. How cool is that!!!

It is designed to everyone at all ages. There is bicycle for toddler (those that can be pushed around from behind), kids (those with four-wheels), preteen (smaller size), teenager (those with more stylish design such as: bigger or thicker wheels), adult (mountain-biker, folded-bike, etc.), housewife (with a sit in front and behind for carrying their children to school, market, or other places), even for old age people (sometimes the one with electric mode type that makes them easier to ride). 

Usually I take one-hour time each to ride and that only counts 4% of your day. And if let's say I do it at least twice weekly, it counts only 1.2% of your week. No excuse that you don't have time to do that, do you? ;)

Oh! You can't ride the bicycle? Start learning! It's never too late to learn, even if you are an adult. "If you're worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on" - Lance Armstrong. And keep that quote in mind while learning! 

Well, that's about it! To close this post, I send you another beautiful quote about cycling:

Pic source:

Which one that you choose? It's all up to you! Choice is in your hands! Good luck!!! :)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Aussie trip day 6 – 15th May 2014 – Last day in Tasmania

G’day!!! It’s a beautiful morning and we all had to wake up as early as 6am. We got ourselves ready and packed all of our belonging, then headed to the small dining place located at the separate building on second floor. It’s small but cozy and warm. With an island kitchen in the middle we felt like eating inside a house.

Our last breakfast in Tasmania

We took our own coffee/ tea, cereals, yoghurt, bread, and so on, but they served each of us with a plate of fresh made fried eggs, grilled bacon and baked half-tomato. Finally we had a relax breakfast provided by others and we didn’t have to wash our own plates afterwards hahaha…

That would signify our last breakfast together as by 8am, they had to leave the Launceston city and drive all the way back to Hobart then take their flight back to Sydney from the Hobart Airport. As for me, I would take the flight to Melbourne directly from Launceston Airport that only flew at about 2pm.

Since I knew that I would have plenty of time to spend in this city, I tried to find in google on what things to do that morning. Since I loved nature, the Launceston City Park was the only destination that appeared on my head. I printed the city map from Google and started to walk around after separated from all my friends.

Beautiful morning view of Launceston city, Tasmania :)

Oh, I loved that feeling: walking around in the small city, which was all reachable on foot; under the cloudy weather (luckily no rain); just enjoyed that present moment looking around the cities (especially the colorful autumn leaves that existed all around the place); and doing it all alone. Perhaps I was used to walk alone. I felt so calm, peaceful, and most importantly, happy!!! :)

Launceston city, Tasmania

I took many pictures all around the city. For me, the Launceston city looked like those inside the movie. It was so homey reminding me of Geneva in Switzerland, but of course, with different layout kind of buildings. I walked lane by lane and looked at my surrounding. Seriously, I felt really good and amazed, really like walking in a dream. The autumn season made the place much more beautiful. I loved it so much!

I have posted the beautiful autumn view in the City Park, and the beautiful flowers that were still surviving and going to wither very soon. I spent hours in the park enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding me, plus the monkey communities that lived under the Macaque Monkey Enclosure who had become my company :)

There weren’t many people that Thursday morning. Many of them were just passing by from one gate to another gate. I sat down on the wooden bench inside the park, took the post cards that I purchased at the Salamanca market on my first day reaching Tasmania plus the pen out from my backpack, and started writing the card down one by one. The wither leaves were falling down as the wind blew. It was so calm, peaceful, and romantic just like what I’d always seen in the movie or drama series :)

As I was writing my thoughts on those post cards, my mind was sometimes wondering around. I felt so blessed with what happened around me. It started from my friends’ agreement to let me join their trip, the safe journey that all of us had, the great and fun time that we were all having for the past few days, and at the end of the day, it’d let me enjoying the autumn season to the fullest, alone, as what I’d dreamed of. Seriously, I never expected that May would still be an autumn season in Australia, and most importantly, Tasmania had offered me such a marvelous view of the autumn season. They had various kinds of trees with different shapes of leaves and different type of colors that I’d never imagined!!! Thank you SB for hearing and making all my wishes and dreams coming true!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! *Feeling blessed!!!

After enjoying my alone time inside the park, it’s time to walk again. This time, I accidentally passed by the shopping area. By the time I reached, the shops had already been opened. I went into the book and stationery shop. I browsed on their books collection but didn’t buy any as it cost more expensive than Singapore. I ended up buying some souvenir and additional stamps for my post cards.

There were many Cafés along the road. It was almost noon and I thought that I’d better having some food before leaving. Therefore, despite being full, I decided to try the pastry from Tasmania local bakery, called Banjo’s, and at the same time enjoying the free Wi-Fi provided. Hmmm… the steak and mushroom pie was not bad and a cup of Cappuccino made me fresh and ready for the next journey!!!

So, once I finished my food, I walked back to the Fiona Bed and Breakfast and collected my luggage. At 11.20am I waited along the George Street until the Airport shuffle bus driver came and picked me up to the Airport. It had been a great journey with lots of beautiful memories in Tasmania and I am very thankful for all that.

Bye bye Launceston... Thank you for everything! See you again! :)

While flying to Melbourne, I just felt that… this chapter had been closed but there was another new chapter waiting for me to unfold and in few minutes I would reach there and meet up with my dear hubby, my sister and her family members. Couldn’t wait the plane to reach!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My son is growing up!!!

Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul :)

Guess what? I'm currently reading that book despite that I am not a preteen at all hehehe… ;)

As I mentioned before, I bought that book for my son so that he could read it during his school holiday (since there wasn’t any plan to go anywhere). Previously, he only loved reading comics or books with more pictures than wordings. I introduced him this book as I thought that, well, why didn’t let him find out some self-improvement book that was much more suitable for his age? This book was the right one for him. Preteen here was meant for kids ages 9 – 13.

After reading the first chapter, he started drawing greater interest reading into the next following chapters. In less than a week, he finished reading it. He was even asking me to read that book as he found it so interesting. Well, it would be his first time recommending a book for me to read and it was also his first time founding such a book that he loved reading, especially those with wordings only.

When my sister-in-law finished reading the Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often book of mine written by Apelles Poh, he was asking me if he too, could borrow that book for him to read. Wow!!! I was impressed! It seemed like he started growing up interest on reading the self-improvement kind of book. And when I wanted to go for a Popular Book Sale in Expo last Thursday, I was asking him if there was any book that he wanted me to buy. Guess what he said?? He wanted other Chicken Soup for the soul books that were suitable for him. Hohoho… :D

Too bad, there wasn’t any suitable Chicken Soup for the soul books sold in the Book Sale. However, when we browsed around in the Popular book store in Bishan during weekend, we found few other Chicken Soup for the soul books for Preteen. He bought two, and my niece bought two. When they finished reading it, they could make an exchange and read all of them.

As an adult, we were on their ages before, many years back. But lots of us didn’t have a privilege to read the Chicken Soup for the soul book. We might not ever hear about the book before too as in our generation time, many book were not translated into our own mother tongue language and I didn’t even know much about the English language.

So mostly, we grew based on what we encountered in our life: from what we’d seen, and also from what other people encountered in their lives. Our motivation toward life wasn’t that great, if I might say. It would be just a simple life like what our parents, siblings, and friends were doing. Most of us got inspiration from our own parents, as our role model in life. Unlike the current generation of children who were exposed to outta world through media like Television and Internet. They’d seen more, much more that what we’d seen during our time.

Although the book was based on preteen experience in US, their stories could relate and inspire other preteen in many other parts of the world too. At this age, it was a crucial time for their development in life since they were too old to be called kids, and too young to be called teenager. They got stuck in between.

“When I try to be grown-up, people tell me I’m too young. When I do something wrong, people tell me to grow up. I don’t understand. I guess we’re always going to be too big for some things, and too young for others.” – Michelle Richard

At this age, they were going through puberty too and had to face with series of mood swings, hormone surges, and growing interest toward the opposite gender. They had to face with emotional changes too.

I was grown up in a family with mostly females occupying the house. So, as a mother of a young boy, I think I had to learn more about the changes that he was experiencing so that I could understand him better. Lots of time I asked my hubby to handle the matter directly to my son. However, I couldn’t just throw the responsibility all to him. I too, wanted to share the responsibility’s pie as his mom.

Time really flies dude! My son, who used to sit on a bicycle pushed from behind, has ridden the bicycle on his own now. He could cook now (instant noodle mostly haha..), help up washing dishes, sweeping and mopping the floor, tidying up his own table (once in a blue moon), etc. He proudly showed me his first pimple during weekend. It was so small but yet, so big matter for him. Haha.. I think he couldn’t wait for his voice to change, for his Adam’s apple to appear, for the moustache to grow, and so on.

Soon, my baobei son will change. Nothing stays permanent though. The baby will grow as a toddler. The toddler will grow as a kid. Kid will grow as preteen, teenager, and eventually become an adult one day. I just want to treasure each moment that he passes by and cherish all the changes that he goes through. I just need to learn to become a better mother for him, especially as a soul provider in times when he needs. At the mean time I need to read all the Chicken Soup for preteen books that he has, to have a grasp on which stage he is in right now, what things he’s learnt, what challenges he’ll face, and so on. Wish me all the best!!! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beautiful flowers from Launceston City Park, Tasmania :)

“It is not how much we have,
but how much we enjoy,
that makes happiness.” 
~ Charles Spurgeon ~

 "To me, flowers are happiness :)"

"How about you?"

"Happiness grows where you plant it.
The more seed you plant,
the more flowers it will grow.

the more happiness you will gain."


"Look at you...
You’re so amazing... 
Just the way you are..."

“Our life is like a flower.
One day, we grow old and tired.
We will all wither and die."

"Even the prettiest flower has to die. 
Nothing EVER lasts forever."

 “It is not impermanence that makes us suffer.

What makes us suffer is
 to want things to be permanent 
when they are not.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

"Focus on the overall beauty and fragrance of the flower,
and not the imperfections that it brings over time."

"Your mind is a garden.
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers,
or you can grow weeds.
Choice is in your hands."

"Count the garden by the flowers, 
never by the leaves that fall.
Count your life with smiles 
and not the tears that roll."

~ Unknown ~

Tribute to the ladies 
who had taken care all the beautiful flowers in the photos above.
Under your kind care and concern, they had all grown magnificently!!! 
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Launceston City Park, Tasmania, Australia ~15th May 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014

Myanmar experience at Singapore Little Burma :)

This afternoon, my colleague, M, who is a Burmese, finally had a chance to bring me tasting the Myanmar food for the first time. Just like Golden Mile Complex for Thais and Lucky Plaza for Filipinos and Indonesians, there is a place for Burmese community over here in Singapore, which is at Peninsula Plaza, located not far from where we work, about 10-15 minute walk.

Although we’d known each other for about 2 years, we never had a chance to eat Myanmar food together. We had talked a lot about it and often, also about the country itself. But due to our busy schedule, we only realized our wish today :)

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda ( Source:

All along I’d put great interest to visit the country, especially to Bagan, the ancient city that houses over thousands of Buddhist temples, pagodas, and monasteries. As a Buddhist, I think I would be very happy if I were given a chance to visit the various Buddhist pilgrimage site over there and I had a lot of wonder about Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (known as ‘gravity defying’ Golden Rock) that was located in Mon State of Myanmar aside from Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and Mahamuni Buddha Temple in Mandalay. It’s one of my travel wish list destinations :)

Gifts from Myanmar :)

M had gone back home twice recently and she bought me some things to try. The one inside the plastic was dried fish. You could eat like that after put inside the oven for 1-2 minutes or mix it with oil and other ingredients, which I think I would not get use with the taste. I’d chosen to bake it inside the oven for 2 minutes and eaten it with rice, not bad ya :)

She had also given me a mango, which she plucked it directly from the mango trees in one of the farms that she visited before coming back to Singapore. There were two types of mangoes that she brought. She asked me to choose and I chose the green color one. She had given me the yellow color one before, that’s why I chose to try the green color one. After few days keeping it at home, it turned slightly yellow and was ready to eat. Hmmm.. It was sweet and nyummy!!!

Myanmar dried mango

There was another mango product that she brought too. This one was dried one. It’s brown in color and very thin slice. It was originally big size then my friend cut it into smaller pieces to make it easier for us to eat. Thank you M for your food products! :)

Now let’s get back to our lunch. At first, M wanted to bring me to the restaurant type, where the food had been altered to accommodate Singaporean taste. But I told her that I wanted to taste the more original and local taste. So, she led me to the basement 1 entering to the right side door, and went in all the way inside to the right, where there were more people eating there.

Hey M, since there are more people here, I think we should try the food in this stall,” I suggested.

She hesitated for a while because she was afraid that I wouldn’t like the taste as it would be quite strong.

Don’t worry lah. I want to try the more local favor instead of the lighter taste so I will be able to know how is the real taste of it,” assured me.

Therefore, after having a look at the different dishes displayed, we chose three veggies and one meat plus two plates of rice for us to eat. She took some side dishes and two bowl of veggies soup from other side and ordered two cups of Myanmar tea, and then we started having our lunch.

Myanmar dishes for lunch

M put a small portion of the dishes into my plate. She was afraid that I wouldn’t like the taste. I tried the one in red (top left). It consisted of something like Tofu (made of bean), with some veggies (looked like young bamboo shoot) cooked with chili. It was quite oily.

M said, in Myanmar, the more oil put inside the food, it represented the richer the family was. But according to her, nowadays foreigner who went to Myanmar trying to change Burmese misconception and asked them to cook with less oil as it wasn’t good for their health. This one, the taste was alright, only a bit salty. The tofu texture was a bit different with Chinese tofu. Their texture was more firm.

Next was the bitter gourd dish, the one on the top right. They used the small size of bitter gourd for this dish, unlike Singapore style that usually used bigger size. It was cooked with chili and some dried prawn. I quite liked this dish though.

The third one was the one on the right below. It was made of some kind of vegetables. It had a unique taste and sour. The same vegetable was used to make the soup, which in my opinion tasted like Thai Tom Yam Soup without chili. I could eat it, but not much. The most part of it was eaten by M hehe…

The last dish was the pork belly curry cooked with bamboo shoot. I tried to recollect my memory on where I had this kind of taste before, but I couldn’t get the answer. It was a bit salty but still edible for me. I was not the fan of bamboo shoot. I mean, I ate, but not much. Therefore, I ate most of the pork while M ate most of the bamboo shoot. Hehehe…

There were small plates of diced bamboo shoot, cucumber, and bean sprout. The bamboo shoot and cucumber tasted just per normal, but the bean sprout was not. It was pickled and had a unique taste, which I wasn’t accustomed to.

Myanmar tea :)

Their tea tasted a bit like Thai milk tea,  only that the color wasn't orange. It tasted very sweet but very nice :)

Overall, I think the food taste was quite unique and different. I wasn’t familiar with the taste and need some time to adapt to it if I had to. They liked salty and sour taste while I preferred sweet and spicy food. What we tried here was only one type. There were still lots of other types of Myanmar food that I had not tried, such as: noodles, tea leaves salad, fish dishes, dessert, and so on. I was just thinking, if I travel to Myanmar one day, should I bring something from Singapore to eat there? Just in case… Hahaha… :P

One of Myanmar grocery shops in Peninsula Plaza

After having our lunch, we went up. Just like what other have said, this building is called ‘Singapore’s Little Burma’, as there are lots of shops selling Myanmar food and non-food products. For them, it’s like feeling ‘home sweet home’.

Kun yar or Myanmar betel nut

They can find many things from Myanmar: dried food like dried fish, dried prawn; fresh food like fruits and vegetables; flowers and leaves for praying to temple; basic necessities like shampoo, soaps, perfumes, and so on; Myanmar local newspaper and magazines; snacks like potato chips; chilies or pickles items; even ‘kun yar’ or betel nut. It is sold in many shops there, openly. It is similar with the way Bhutanese has it, except that their paste is in white color, not pink, and they cut the ‘doma’ in smaller pieces.

It’s my second time visiting this building. My first time was when I was helping Karma, my Bhutanese friend, who wanted to buy Myanmar dried chili prawn products for his friend back in Bhutan. He was running out of time to shop. Since the place wasn’t far from my office and I had Myanmar colleague who was familiar with the product and language, I decided to help him to buy.

Well, despite I wasn’t accustomed to the taste of the Myanmar food that I had today; it would not sink my wish and hope to visit Myanmar in the future. I will still keep it deep inside my heart to visit the Buddhist pilgrimage site over there. Please pray for me that soon I will realize this dream.

Hopefully M is willing to bring me along there hahaha… since their language is very different and hard to understand. Even I can’t recall the name of each food above and don’t even know the name of the food stall that we ate this afternoon hehe… So, wish me all the best!! :D

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Autumn in Launceston City Park, Tasmania - 15th May 2014

"If I know what love is, it is all because of you"

"Launceston City Park - Tasmania"

Beautiful yellow autumn trees :)

"Red, yellow, green, purple - like a rainbow"

"Would you like to sit with me?"

"Even though you fell apart, you still looked so beautiful"

"Somehow, you weren't affected by the season"

"I would love to sit and read under that roof"- Launceston City Park

"Historical fountain since 1897" - Launceston City Park

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall" - F. Scott Fitzgerald

"Macaque monkey enclosure"- Launceston City Park

"Falling in love over and over again"- Autumn at Launceston City Park

"Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder"- Gate to autumn leaves

"I am not perfect. Never have been. Never will be."- Launceston City Park

"Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen"

"I have strange fascination with autumn" - I felt blessed!!!
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