Friday, June 20, 2014

Aussie trip day 6 – 15th May 2014 – Last day in Tasmania

G’day!!! It’s a beautiful morning and we all had to wake up as early as 6am. We got ourselves ready and packed all of our belonging, then headed to the small dining place located at the separate building on second floor. It’s small but cozy and warm. With an island kitchen in the middle we felt like eating inside a house.

Our last breakfast in Tasmania

We took our own coffee/ tea, cereals, yoghurt, bread, and so on, but they served each of us with a plate of fresh made fried eggs, grilled bacon and baked half-tomato. Finally we had a relax breakfast provided by others and we didn’t have to wash our own plates afterwards hahaha…

That would signify our last breakfast together as by 8am, they had to leave the Launceston city and drive all the way back to Hobart then take their flight back to Sydney from the Hobart Airport. As for me, I would take the flight to Melbourne directly from Launceston Airport that only flew at about 2pm.

Since I knew that I would have plenty of time to spend in this city, I tried to find in google on what things to do that morning. Since I loved nature, the Launceston City Park was the only destination that appeared on my head. I printed the city map from Google and started to walk around after separated from all my friends.

Beautiful morning view of Launceston city, Tasmania :)

Oh, I loved that feeling: walking around in the small city, which was all reachable on foot; under the cloudy weather (luckily no rain); just enjoyed that present moment looking around the cities (especially the colorful autumn leaves that existed all around the place); and doing it all alone. Perhaps I was used to walk alone. I felt so calm, peaceful, and most importantly, happy!!! :)

Launceston city, Tasmania

I took many pictures all around the city. For me, the Launceston city looked like those inside the movie. It was so homey reminding me of Geneva in Switzerland, but of course, with different layout kind of buildings. I walked lane by lane and looked at my surrounding. Seriously, I felt really good and amazed, really like walking in a dream. The autumn season made the place much more beautiful. I loved it so much!

I have posted the beautiful autumn view in the City Park, and the beautiful flowers that were still surviving and going to wither very soon. I spent hours in the park enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding me, plus the monkey communities that lived under the Macaque Monkey Enclosure who had become my company :)

There weren’t many people that Thursday morning. Many of them were just passing by from one gate to another gate. I sat down on the wooden bench inside the park, took the post cards that I purchased at the Salamanca market on my first day reaching Tasmania plus the pen out from my backpack, and started writing the card down one by one. The wither leaves were falling down as the wind blew. It was so calm, peaceful, and romantic just like what I’d always seen in the movie or drama series :)

As I was writing my thoughts on those post cards, my mind was sometimes wondering around. I felt so blessed with what happened around me. It started from my friends’ agreement to let me join their trip, the safe journey that all of us had, the great and fun time that we were all having for the past few days, and at the end of the day, it’d let me enjoying the autumn season to the fullest, alone, as what I’d dreamed of. Seriously, I never expected that May would still be an autumn season in Australia, and most importantly, Tasmania had offered me such a marvelous view of the autumn season. They had various kinds of trees with different shapes of leaves and different type of colors that I’d never imagined!!! Thank you SB for hearing and making all my wishes and dreams coming true!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! *Feeling blessed!!!

After enjoying my alone time inside the park, it’s time to walk again. This time, I accidentally passed by the shopping area. By the time I reached, the shops had already been opened. I went into the book and stationery shop. I browsed on their books collection but didn’t buy any as it cost more expensive than Singapore. I ended up buying some souvenir and additional stamps for my post cards.

There were many Cafés along the road. It was almost noon and I thought that I’d better having some food before leaving. Therefore, despite being full, I decided to try the pastry from Tasmania local bakery, called Banjo’s, and at the same time enjoying the free Wi-Fi provided. Hmmm… the steak and mushroom pie was not bad and a cup of Cappuccino made me fresh and ready for the next journey!!!

So, once I finished my food, I walked back to the Fiona Bed and Breakfast and collected my luggage. At 11.20am I waited along the George Street until the Airport shuffle bus driver came and picked me up to the Airport. It had been a great journey with lots of beautiful memories in Tasmania and I am very thankful for all that.

Bye bye Launceston... Thank you for everything! See you again! :)

While flying to Melbourne, I just felt that… this chapter had been closed but there was another new chapter waiting for me to unfold and in few minutes I would reach there and meet up with my dear hubby, my sister and her family members. Couldn’t wait the plane to reach!!!


Rekha Monger said...

Such a great way to spend your time alone.

I love the feeling of:
1. Wandering around the street with nothing particular on mind, on the park.
2. Stumbling across a second hand bookshop, vintage shops also counts.
3. Going to a good coffee shop, accessing free wi-fi or reading a book over a cup of nice warm latte.

And spotting a postal box is another bliss to the list. Sending little hand written love notes from that postal box seems divine. I think I should do that the next time I travel :).

I love all your pictures and posts from your trip to the Aussie land esp in October. I wonder how it is in spring.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Rekha! May all your wish and dream come true! And not just autumn, but all season around :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm from SG too and was doing some research on travelling in Tasmania and chanced upon your blog - read all your posts on your Aussie trip in May 2014! Really enjoyed reading them, you seem like a very genuine and warm person. All the best in everything and stay chirpy :)

Rima Reyka said...

Hi hi! Thank you for your best wishes and for reading the blog posts!! Hopefully it could give you an idea which places worth to visit and Tasmania is really beautiful during autumn. Hope your trip will be wonderful and have lots of fun!!! :)

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