Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beautiful handmade bookmark near Hougang MRT

This afternoon my hubby, son, and I went to Hougang eating our favorite Hainanese chicken rice, borrowing lots of awesome books from the Cheng San Library, and shopping some ingredients for tonight's steamboat - round two ;)

Me and the artist who draws the handmade bookmarks

While walking back to Hougang MRT station, I saw a Malay lady in her sixty sitting down on her wheelchair and she was fully surrounded with arts creations, mainly handmade bookmarks. When I drew myself closer, she told me that all was drawn personally by her and each bookmark costs S$2.

What attracts me was the colorful pictures that she drew plus the motivation quotes or wishes that she put on top of it. You can also make a personalized name bookmark. It can be written in English, Malay, and even Arabic words. Other than for your own use, you can also purchase it as a gift to other people. It will be such a nice and simple gift for someone special and each bookmark is laminated and added with ribbon on top to make it last longer and beautiful.

From the photo above you can see how she displays her creations. Other than bookmark, she can also sketch your face on the spot, which I forget to ask her how much it costs.

The handmade bookmark bought in Hougang

It will be the first day of fasting month tomorrow. I decided to buy to support her. At the same time I told her that I would put our photo together in my blog as to spread awareness about her creations and hopefully more people would visit and buy her products. So, if you like it, you can find her near Hougang MRT. She said most of the time she was stationed there unless if she wasn't feeling well.
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