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Benefits of cycling

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Below is my point of view towards the benefit of cycling. Basically it is divided into two: mental and physical benefits. There is no scientific proofs about the correctness but solely based on what I've experienced so far. Therefore, read it at your own risk! ;)

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Mental benefits of cycling:

1. It is a form of meditation. It enforces us to focus on our breathing. Breathing in, breathing out. In, out... In, out... at our own pace.

2. It trains us to be alert to our surrounding. Whenever we need to cross the road, make a sharp turn, make a big U-turn, overtake the other cyclists or other people, etc., we need to look at the overall situation in order to go through it safely and have a smooth journey.

3. It teaches us to always look forward, just like our life. Life goes on. It forces us not to look behind as it is very dangerous. We may fall down and hurt ourselves! So, what is over, is over!

4. It trains us to be brave, independent, lead, and decide our own way on where we want to go as we are alone in this journey. It requires us to analyse the type of risks we are facing too when choosing which path or way to go. It all requires our bravery and decision-making ability.

5. It trains us to be patient, especially when we have to face those riders who never ride at one side (dominate the whole road) and selfish walkers who treats the road as if it is owned by their grandfather.

6. When anger arises due to such circumstances, we are reminded not to always take life seriously. In fact, no one does. It is not as if we are in the competition to win trophy or something, but rather to have a leisure ride. Therefore, when we are irritated by others, remind ourselves on why we should make ourselves angry and unhappy? Instead, this realization leads us to forgive and forget them. In an instance, the smile will appear on our face and let unhappy things go

7. It requires determination, strong motivation and discipline to push us to make cycling happens, most importantly, passion. Think of how many times we give up cycling and instead, relaxing or watching TV? Laziness is the greatest enemy that attacks us anytime.

8. It frees our mind from anxiety, worry and reduces stress that coming from many area of our life, such as: long-day work, family problem, financial problem, heart-breaking experience, and so on. When cycling, we tend to forget all that and live in the present moment!

9. Sometimes it even gives an answer to our problem. When cycling, our brain still works but in relax state. We will have a clearer mind, think things thoroughly and at the end, it can give an idea on how to solve our problem. 

10. The first thing that we think when we go out for cycling: Our safety is a number one priority! We don't want to go out happily and come back with bruises marks or sometimes even with a much worse condition. With this kind of thinking, we have automatically felt that we want to treasure our lives, which many people are failing to have.

11. Cycling outdoor enables us to enjoy the nature surrounds us. It rejuvenates our soul and mind, especially the view sunset, sunrise, beautiful flowers, greenery, etc. 

12. Sometimes the wind blows against our direction and makes the saddle hard to be paddled and requires us to put in greater effort to ride. Take it as if it's a challenge that we are facing in front of us. Instead of stopping and giving up, we can choose to persevere and overcome that challenge. Anyway, it won't last forever. Just like the wind blows, wind can change direction or we can also change our direction. Eventually, things will change to the better.

13. Sometimes the road that we have to go through is up and down. We need to paddle hard in order to be in the 'UP' position. But once we are there, we will enjoy a greater view and then, have an easy ride and great enjoyment when going down. It just makes us realize that in life, 'No Pain, No Gain'.

14. To ride the bicycle, we must know how to balance. Interestingly, in order for us to have a good life, we also need to know how to balance! Think about how much time do you need to work, to spend with family, to rest, to spend with friends, to sleep, to pursue your hobby, and so on. If one thing is too much or too less, will you be happy?

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Physical benefits of cycling:

1. It is said that cycling is good for our heart. It can improve our cardiovascular fitness and decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. 

2. It builds our stamina. By practicing and doing more, we will have a much better stamina, which in results, the further distance we can go. E.g. today we cycle 10 km and after practicing the same distance for some time, we can increase the distance to 15 km without feeling too tired or too difficult. Or perhaps with the same timing, we can reach further distance. 

3. It builds up and tones our muscles, especially at the lower part of our body - the calves, thigh, hips, and rear end. 

4. With the built-up stamina and muscles, it can prepare us to engage in any other kind of activities, such as: walking a long distance road or up and down hill, hiking through mountains, etc. 

5. It trains us to coordinate our body parts and mind well as we need to focus while steering our bike, to control our speed, and to react fast when there is a sudden movement from other side, e.g. the small kid suddenly run or jump out from the safety zone into your lane. 

6. After a great deal of cycling and showering under the hot water, you'll sure have a very good quality of sleep and rest.

7. Just like other exercise, cycling can help us reducing the sign of aging - less wrinkles, look much younger than your actual age is, etc. - as it helps to flush the toxin out and to bring more Oxygen into our skin and produce Collagen as the essential items to keep young.  

8. And also, it helps you to lose weight. It is especially suitable for me, someone who loves eating ^^

So, the above are the total of 22 benefits that I can think of while cycling. There may be many other benefits that I didn't mention above. However, if you are interested, you can start it right away. 

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No bicycle? Well, it's the cheapest among the rest of other kind of transports though (compare it with motorcycle, car, etc.). Think about it! You can save time (rather than walk) and money (by taking bus or TAXI) by cycling to the nearby markets from your house, in case you are running out of your daily necessities. At the same time, you are exercising. Nice ah?

It is the air-pollution free item, unless you are farting while cycling, hohoho...  and no fuel required (don't have to headache over the increment of the fuel price!!!) Therefore, you are taking part in saving the earth and go-green activity. How cool is that!!!

It is designed to everyone at all ages. There is bicycle for toddler (those that can be pushed around from behind), kids (those with four-wheels), preteen (smaller size), teenager (those with more stylish design such as: bigger or thicker wheels), adult (mountain-biker, folded-bike, etc.), housewife (with a sit in front and behind for carrying their children to school, market, or other places), even for old age people (sometimes the one with electric mode type that makes them easier to ride). 

Usually I take one-hour time each to ride and that only counts 4% of your day. And if let's say I do it at least twice weekly, it counts only 1.2% of your week. No excuse that you don't have time to do that, do you? ;)

Oh! You can't ride the bicycle? Start learning! It's never too late to learn, even if you are an adult. "If you're worried about falling off the bike, you'd never get on" - Lance Armstrong. And keep that quote in mind while learning! 

Well, that's about it! To close this post, I send you another beautiful quote about cycling:

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Which one that you choose? It's all up to you! Choice is in your hands! Good luck!!! :)


Ankita said...

I just loveeee cycling! and I used to cycle a lot till a few yrs back but now, too much traffic and ever expanding concrete jungles have made it risky.


A really nice and informative post :)

Rima Reyka said...

Well, if there is any nice park that let you rent the bicycle out, you may want to do that instead of struggling to cycle at current environment. Or whenever you travel abroad, find any time and chance to do so as well even for just a while.

Just like the quote above: "Don't limit your challenges. Instead, challenge your limits!" Hehe.. Thank you Ankita :)

kinleywangchuk said...

Hmm, I didn't know a bit of anything about the mental benefits though i have some idea on physical benefits. I too love cycling and i think cycling will be the only fitness tool for me in the future incase i'm to gain fat by consuming free fats because you know what "Laziness is really MY greatest enemy". I really liked the last quote. "Cycle runs on fat and saves you money" . Great thought!!!
thank for tagging me your post!!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kinley for your comments! :)

Peldhen Nima said...


To see the benefits of cycling, I think I will first have to learn cycling...... :P

otherwise, your write up is impressive.... Keep it up

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... You can do it la! ;)

Thank you Kuenzang for your compliment! :)

Flora said...

I tried learn cycling when u was in South India, but couldn't make

Flora said...

Read as 'I was' not u was sorry dear

Rima Reyka said...

Haha... Laso la! Learn again when you have chance Charo! ;)

Flora said...

Chances are less here for me...haha

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