Saturday, June 07, 2014

Punggol Jetty updates :)

It's been quite some time since I last cycled to Punggol Jetty area. The last time I went there, the road for cycling was closed as they were going to build it on asphalt. Now it's all done.

Smooth cycling road to Punggol Jetty

See the photo above? The road is smooth now from Sunrise Bridge all the way to Punggol Jetty there.

The Punggol Settlement

Not only that. There is a place called Punggol Settlement that houses Punggol Seafood, House of Seafood, 24hr-store 7eleven, and bicycle rental kiosk called Jomando.

Jomando bike rental at Punggol Jetty

It rents not only bicycle but also scooter pedal that comes in various sizes. Before renting it, you are allowed to try it first.

There are more and more people visiting the Jetty area. Families, couple, friends or even single visitor go there for cycling, for a walk, for dating, or even just for sitting down and enjoying sunset.

Fishing at Punggol Jetty

Here is also the best place for fishing. There are more people spending their time fishing over here. It is one way of releasing stress :) Other than getting enjoyment from fishing, they are also getting a great sunset view from there!!!

Sunset of the day :)

The above was taken just this evening. I love the reddish color of the cloud. Hopefully the weather is good every weekend so that I can enjoy it again and again! So, hope your weekend is as fabulous as mine or maybe even much better ;) Enjoy!

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