Monday, June 02, 2014

Skantei's Sunday week 1: Taco and Burrito

School holiday had just started. My son had to attend few days of remedial classes after receiving his exam results. There was no arrangement for him on where to spend his one month holiday. So, home, would be his nest.

Delicious Malay food :)

We had an enjoyable brunch on Saturday. Nasi Ambeng Set (rice, serunding, achar, tempeh, ikan bilis, sambal goreng,  perkedel, and rendang) for me; Nasi Sambal Goreng (everything was same except the rendang Beef was replaced with fried chicken wing and the sambal Chili was different) for him plus a plate of Gado gado to share. Since the portion was big, three of us shared the dishes.

Nyum nyum... Malay food, which was similar with Indonesian food, was my favorite! There was a slight different in taste but it's pretty hard to find the original taste down here, unless you were prepared to pay more. So the Malay store in Kovan was good enough to satisfy my taste bud :)

I asked Baobei to choose two books from the bookstore. Instead of common children story or comic kind of book, he started choosing self-help book kind of thing. And that afternoon, we spent our time reading together in my room.

Suddenly, he said, "I want to eat Taco and Burrito leh." I was like, what? Out of sudden, he thought of eating Mexican food. He asked me if there was any Mexican eating place offered good food with reasonable prices. I recalled back any Mexican restaurant near my working place. There were few, but I never visited once as it was quite expensive. The one with food court standard, like the one we had before in Bras Basah Kopitiam, had long gone. I searched Google and found mostly all restaurant type.

He then suggested to make on our own. I told him, "Can. But you make ya, 'cos I have to work tomorrow."

"Why? Tomorrow is Sunday mah?" he asked.

"It's month end dear. I had to do closing," replied me. "If you want, you can follow me to my office. You can bring your book and do your revision there. Lunch time we can go and eat at one of the Mexican restaurant there." I gave him an alternative.

"No. I prefer stay at home and cook it myself," he said it firmly.

"That's great! You learn how to cook lor. My duty is just to eat. So make sure the food is ready when I reach home, Ok?"

"What time will you be coming back home?"

"Like usual lor, around 7."

"Ok lor."

So, I allowed him to find out how to make those two food from the Internet. And btw, when I asked why he had a sudden crave of those food, he simply said that he watched from YouTube that people ate it in California. Ah, no wonder he was asking me if there was a lot of Mexican food in US.

I made Nachos and Wraps before at home, but not Taco and Burrito. I knew roughly how it tasted but wouldn't purposely cook it as to eat. But since he wanted it, let him be then. Anyway, I was only the eater in this case hohoho....

Seriously jotted down the ingredients from YouTube

So he browsed around and watched the YouTube videos on how to cook it, then wrote down the ingredients required. I told him to buy the ingredients tomorrow with his dad. He was very exciting with the whole plan. Never once I saw him so serious about it to realize his dream.

I worked the whole Sunday. I reached home early as I tried to finish my work faster to see how the progress would be. No phone call was made so I also didn't know if the plan was still be executed or not.

Ingredients' list :)

When I reached home, hubby was there in the kitchen 'assisting' him. Salsa was ready inside the refrigerator. There were plates of garlic, onion, and tomatoes readied to be cooked. I was hungry and wondered why they hadn't started cooking yet. They said they were waiting for 'Master Chef' to cook. Lolx!

My hubby had no idea how my son wanted the tomatoes and chicken to be cooked. My son had the idea but didn't dare to cook it himself. I could wait no more. I told him that I would take charge from here. Hahaha.... And they were relieved 'cos someone who they assumed 'know' to cook and know the taste would start cooking. Lolx!

With guidance from my son, I cooked the tomatoes and chicken. I had to make sure that this was according to his wish. To be honest, I wasn't that sure about the taste. I just followed whatever ingredients available. In order to cut cost, hubby had cut some ingredients too. Like cumin, he excused that because after today, the spice would just stay there in the kitchen and waiting to expire. And we had to use chicken instead of beef since my mother-in-law didn't eat Beef.

Hunger made my move fast. In a short while the ingredients were whipped. We wrapped our own Burrito since everyone had their own liking on how it wanted to be done. We also filled our own ingredients inside the Taco. Some put it inside the oven and some not.

Home made Burrito and Taco :)

Hmmm.... The taste was not bad at all. The chicken ended up tasting quite delicious. The rice inside the Burritos was absorbing the sauce from the chicken. And it was made out of healthy ingredients. The wrap size was perfect. Not too big and not too small. The cheese was melting perfectly added the taste and texture from inside. Hohoooo..... However, although the color was pale and not that interesting, the taste, however, was superb! :)

I ate one Burrito and 4 Taco. We opened the Napa Valley red wine made in 1990. The taste was rich as it's been there for 14 years. Later on we enjoyed it with Double Cream Tasmanian Brie Cheese that I bought from Australia. After a long day and hard work, the food and wine had made all my weary gone. What left was satisfaction.

The wine had taken its effect on me too. At 9.30pm I had already lied down on my bed ready for a good sleep. Suddenly my son came into my room with his backpack. He wanted to show me his new backpack bought by his aunt in Hong Kong, that he would bring tomorrow for school. And he started to talk about many things and insisted to sleep with us in my room as he found it too lonely to sleep alone.

When I responded little, he tried to explain that he loved talking to himself, especially when he was alone. Yalama! Hope he was alright! And he started talking about the cooking process that evening.

He regarded himself as the 'Chef' while my hubby was his 'Assistant' because he just told him what and how to do but most job was done by my hubby, such as cutting and washing ingredients. My son collected it and mixed it around, added some salt and lemon into the Salsa, to find the right taste. My hubby was complaining while eating that his son was bossing him around. Hahaha... So funny! And Baobei said, "Luckily there is Master Chef who came and cooked. But the Chef and his assistant had to withstand with the nagging and ordering around." I was laughing out loud while listening to his mumble. Hahahaha.... at the end, they still regarded me as their 'Western food Master Chef' who was able to bring the delicious taste into their plates :)

Great weekend together! ^^

I love you Baobei! And since that weekend, he planned to have Skantei's Sunday every week during holiday ('Skantei' was his nickname in the game, which he used widely). Let's see how long his spirit's up! ;)


Alka Gurha said...

A pleasure to be here on your blog. Read your previous post too. I love tacos too. But I improvise according to my taste.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Alka for visiting and your comment! Have a great evening! :)

Flora said...

Sakantei looks cute and and big boy now, smart as mom, by looking at his mega smile can say he is really mama's son. Cheers

Rima Reyka said...

Hehe... Thank you Flora! Cheers! :)

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