Thursday, July 17, 2014

Life learning from hair cut :)

This afternoon I was having my lunch in my office Cafetaria. In less than 10 minutes I moved my tray filed with empty plate and bowls to the stewarding area. My colleagues were wondering why I was such in a rush while my Boss guessed that I was busy rushing for something.

You guess what? I was rushing because I wanted to have my hair cut at next door's Mall. Hehe... :P

There is a S$10 barber at Basement 1. It's quite common in Singapore to have this kind of barber. By right, they give themselves a ten-minutes time to cut each person's hair. However, the time may vary from one person to another and can be extended depending on the situation.

It's been almost a year since the last time I had my hair cut and there is a guy that I always trust to have my hair cut with. Last year when my hair was short, I always visited the place once every two or the months and this person was able to give me a nice hair cut according to my request. So, even after a year I was lucky finding him  there this afternoon :)

After putting a ten-dollar note into the machine, I sat down on the seat provided. There were few people before me. While waiting, my colleagues who just had lunch with me, came and approached me. They then understood on why I was rushing during lunch time hahaha...

After waiting about 15 minutes, it was my turn and just nice I was handled by that person. He asked me how my hair wanted to be cut. I said, put some layer on the side and behind, but not too short as I still wanted to grow it longer. He took a look and touched my hair, then suggested to make V-shape at the back of my hair. He was asking why I wanted to make my hair cut in layer and I simply told him, "I get bored and need change." He smiled and said, "Woman....", and shook his head left and right. Lolx!

"My hair is too straight," I added. "Isn't straight hair good?" he asked. "Ya, but I feel it's too plain for me," replied me. "So you prefer a more messy hair, don't you?" he asked again. "Hmm... not messy, but fuller," I said.

"OK, so give some layer and V shape at the back?" he concluded my request. I replied him and smiled, "Yup!"

He started to put the white cloth in front of me and started to work on my hair. While doing it he asked me again, "You seldom brush your hair, is it?" "How seldom?" asked me. "Like once in the morning and one at night?" I laughed, "Hahaha... not really..." He still didn't believe with my answer, perhaps because my hair was too straight and tidy, hardly mess around. "OK, like up to now, how many time have you brushed your hair?" he asked me curiously. I thought hard and told him, "Hmmm... twice maybe?" "Or did you tie your hair after washing it?" continued him. "No. Never. In fact I seldom tie my hair except when weather was too hot." I replied.

I didn't ask him why he asked me those questions. He even asked me what shampoo did I use. But one thing, he said I have a very healthy hair and it made me happy :) At least I have something healthy on me Lolx! But I told him I had problem too with my hair sometimes, which was dropped hair. But he said it was normal.

Looked like he enjoyed touching my hair. Perhaps he knew I seldom brushed my hair like other women as I was afraid more hair would drop because of it :P During his work, he kept brushing my hair using his comb. It felt comfortable. Seldom people would care about my hair and did things like that. Well, perhaps I was over thinking though hahahahaha... Maybe he found my hair really too flat and he tried to make it fuller.

Anyway, the cutting was done just before 2pm and it was time for me to go back to work. My hair became much shorter now, not like what I imagined beforehand. But I kept telling myself that this too, a kind of practice to accept impermanence in life. Nothing lasts forever. And this hair will grow and change shape too. So, just enjoy this present moment and live life to the fullest. Leave the worry behind and move on! ^^

These few days I've spent my time contemplating on what happened to me lately, especially the past one year. I'm glad I'm learning from life every second of it and looking back at what I've done this past one year, I was actually thinking if I'd lived my life fully. Many things have happened. I've made many new friends along the way and not all last long. I've betrayed and I've been betrayed too. People do change due to circumstances and it's just part and parcel of life. I'm glad I've grown wiser and chose not to give up. I realize I've changed in some way too. I've found where I belong and no longer wandering around looking for my identity. In conclusion, I'm glad I found myself again. Cutting hair means a new beginning for me too. I feel light now throwing away all the unhappiness behind, as light as my hair :) Overcome, jia you! Do what you have to do and be happy! :)


Anonymous said...

Its great to make a change.. including your colour blog..:)
Tonite we have karaoke party in living room.. and Rafa pretend to be guitarist. Rico as dancer and backing vocal. Mom is screaming like hell.. Wx just smiling see these crazy people.. until I drag him and asked him to sing. And he sang bohemian raphsody without being force! Well done..
Who care about the quality of your voice.. The main thing is to be fun and happy within family!

Miss you all

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you yz for your encouragement! Here I can only imagine what you described above hehe... Wish to see you and family again very very soon! Take care and miss you too.. :)

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