Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Unfollow" button in Facebook

I've been using Facebook for almost 7 years but it doesn't mean I know everything about its functions and capabilities. Only lately I was dumbfounded with one of the many functions it offered.

Everyday we face many different events in our lives. Undoubtedly those who care would love to share the news to the others and it's so easily nowadays to share it through Facebook. It was not only related to news but also on everything including our own life experience, our new blog post, and so on.

Sometimes I was wondering how the Facebook chose whose news feed would appear on our Facebook. Because it didn't post all of our friends' posts as imagine how busy we would be when we have more than thousand of friends on it. And sometimes I got annoyed and irritated with posts that were not relevant or not into my liking.

For example: Mr A always posted photos of his newborn birds as he was fond of it. So you would always find the baby shape bird, which was still bald and fatherless, bearing its flesh of nakedness, and it appeared too often and sometimes I would wonder why I had always been offered with this kind of posts while I myself seldom visited his page. Or Ms B who sells the things online and always offers her products through her Facebook posts.

Many posted the political situation of their countries on the Facebook incessantly, especially when election time was around the corner, and this really had nothing to do with where I stay and live.

Well, sometimes it's good to read about what happens in other parts of the world but it can make you crazy when you read it everyday as if as you are living in those countries. Sometimes you don't even know whom they were talking about, or which party were they.

Many posted about their ridiculous opinion about others, which you might not agree with, but it kept appearing on your Facebook. Some were so melancholy, depressing, and often posting negative thinking. Some posted their feeling in religious ways that you felt uncomfortable with.

Not only that. The same group of people's posts would always appear on my news feed, which I was wondering where were the rest of other friend's posts going to? It's almost the same people over and over again.

If they were not someone that you knew well, perhaps you just knew them from friend's friend, or you met them just once, or even worse, lots of time you didn't even know who they were (just blindly added them to your Facebook just because they were pretty or handsome), then of course the easiest choice was to 'unfriend' them. But sometimes that person maybe your relatives, your good friends, your long lost friend that you just found on Facebook and didn't want to lose their trace again. You won't feel good to suddenly 'unfriend' your relative, will you?

Find "Unfollow" button on Facebook

So, to avoid this kind of awkwardness but at the same time you can live your life in peace, you have a choice to press the "Following" button and make it in "Follow" mode, which means whatever things that they posted, won't appear at your news feed like before (see the above picture where to find the button).

Hope this info will be useful for you as it is for me. Now I can "Unfollow" those posts that are not into my liking or those whom I don't want to hear about their news and updates anymore. Choice is in your hands. It's never too late to make the changes now so that you can live your life in peace :)


Tshering Delkar said...

thanks for the information. i think it will be useful for me also

Rima Reyka said...

It's my pleasure Tshering! Thank you for reading and leaving your comment here :)

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