Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Durian dilemma in Singapore

Just when Xiao Li was about to draw money using the ATM machine inside the shopping mall, she heard the durian seller calling her, “Xiao Mei, come and buy liu lien! I want to close shop liao!” She ignored it for a while and went to draw her money. Once done, she passed by the same road again and Uncle Durian was still there and called her again, “Xiao Mei, come, buy the liu lian. Offer liao! Offer!! I give you good price la. Uncle don’t have fridge at home, can’t keep this. Your house should have fridge, you buy more lah…

Few days ago, she was just talking about it. It’s been months or maybe year since she ate durian for the last time. She doesn’t have car and stays a bit ‘ulu ulu’ (isolated) where not many durian seller can be found nearby her house. Taxi, MRT, and bus? Durian is not allowed to enter to those premises. Alamak!

“How much ah Uncle?” she asked.

“Clear stock lah… I count you five dollar each, so 6 packets thirty dollars,” replied him.

She looked the price stated on each packet. Some written $20, some S$15. "Hm... Good bargain," Xiao Li talked to herself.

“But I take MRT leh Uncle…”

“No problem lah Xiao Mei! I will wrap it nice nice to you. Guarantee no smell coming out,” assured him.

“Oklah…!” She took out three pieces of ten-dollar notes and passed it to Uncle Durian and that’s the end of the agreement.

She walked to the MRT station calmly. Despite knowing that she shouldn’t bring the durian inside the MRT, she took that risk bravely. She even chose the end of the MRT carriage so that there wouldn’t be many people inside, especially at night time, where many shops had been closed.

Although her working place was just four stations away from home, there were still people who behaved weirdly in the train after smelling the durian when she entered.

One aunty started showing funny face. Her eyes rolled left and right trying to find out where the smell was coming from and at the same time she closed her nose with her fingers.

Some other passengers were acting blurred as if there was nothing happened although they could sense some durian inside the carriage.

Xiao Li ‘ba bodoh’ or acted blurred at the moment she saw the aunty was doing thing like that. She tried to ignore it by watching movie on her mobile phone with earpiece stucked on her both ears. Inside, she prayed hard that the aunty would get out soon or the MRT would reach her destination very soon.

Once the MRT reached, she brought the plastic bag out and walked calmly as if nothing happened and once she got out from the station and went to fresh air zone, she then could breathe freely and smile ;)

Once reached home, she was very happy that she was finally able to open the packet, let the smell coming out and enjoyed her durian with her loved ones.

Well, that’s the common scenario happening here in Singapore. People brings durian as if they bring some dangerous poison and only the 'riches' who own the car are able to buy and carry it back home, or otherwise those people who live at HDB block nearby the pasar or market, and durian stall.

No durian signage

And for people like Xiao Li, to enjoy durian you have to act blur, thick skin, and ready to get scold or bear risk of being kicked out from the Taxi, MRT and bus. Although she won’t get FINE for bringing it inside the MRT, however, the sign of ‘No Durian allowed’ can be found in every MRT station. And like the above story, she had to bear the weird behavior and funny look from other passengers.

You should be lucky if you are living at the country where there is no restriction of bringing durian inside the public transport, or where you are able to own or borrow transport from others to carry the durian to home. It is just kind of disappointing that because of these kinds of restrictions, we can’t enjoy the durian often. Sad no?

Anyway, I’m glad I finally had my durian and it’s all thanks to people like ‘Xiao Li’ :D Will you buy again later?? I pay lah.. Can??? :P


Unknown said...

Finally you got the share to savor, you were lucky. Less fortunate were those who enjoyed nose party travelling. Looks like its odour is gross to have disallowed carrying while travelling in public transport.

Overcome Life said...

Hahaha... Thank you for your comment Sangay! For some people durian tastes and smells very nice and for some it isn't. You can't satisfy everyone, can you? Think about it, you're right. But Uncle Durian had wrapped it with many layers of plastic to prevent the smell coming out. Therefore, it shouldn't be that smelly. Only sometimes it was just funny to see how others behaved towards it. Zero tolerance???

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