Monday, August 25, 2014

I am grateful for

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Thank you SB for another great new day given to me :)

I am grateful for having a fate with Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha in my present life that have guided and taught me on how to live my life in this world and overcome all the hurdles and challenges in life :)

I am grateful for having enough and very good sleep last night

I am grateful for waking up with very good health this morning

I am grateful for living in this country that is safe, peaceful, away from natural disaster, blessed with good weather, bountiful source of good food, clean water, reliable source of gas and electricity that makes it a wonderful place to live in

I am grateful for living under a humble flat that is safe, clean, and everything works perfectly

I am grateful for another day chance to spend with my family members at home

I am grateful for having wonderful parents, siblings and in-laws, nieces and nephews located around the world with wonderful love and health blessed to all of them

I am grateful for having great parents who have shaped me on who I am today and their continuous love and care despite the different countries that we live in. Without them, I am nothing

I am grateful for having magnificent siblings whom I learn most of things in life from their experience. They value family, love and relationship more than anything and I’m glad that I’m part of this wonderful family!

I am grateful for having a very understanding spouse who believes in things that I do and let me exploring the world; feed my thirst and hunger of adventures in life, and most importantly want me to always be happy

I am grateful for having a son who is in very good health, intelligent in his own way, loving me on who I am and I love him the way he is

I am grateful for having many friendly relatives all over the world who value our relation and togetherness

I am grateful for smiley sunlight welcomes me on the way to the MRT station

I am grateful for the seat in the MRT that lets me rest and read my book on my journey to and from work

I am grateful for a wonderful and suitable job for me to do

I am grateful for a great team under my section who values teamwork and understanding toward each other

I am grateful for a wonderful Boss who appreciates my work and gives me freedom to arrange and plan my work

I am grateful for wonderful colleagues in and outside my department

I am grateful for having best friends who are more than just colleagues in my working place

I am grateful for the manageable work and task that I need to handle

I am grateful for the working environment that although deserves attention, but many people are working on the betterment and healthier of it

I am grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga and cycling in a safe and great environment plus wonderful yoga teacher who teaches us and guides us on what to do ^^

I am grateful for being able to follow my passion in writing journal, reading, blogging, doing what I love to do, with so much freedom on my hand

I am grateful for finding many great books in the library whenever I need it

I am grateful for having chance to explore many countries in the world that I’d never been to before and went there with my loved ones; or sometimes went there alone, but met up with my beloved friends at the other side

I am grateful for the good health, safety and protection encounters in each of my visit

I am grateful for the faster recovery and right treatment when I was sick and in need of it

I am grateful for having many best friends in my life that lives within the country I live in

I am grateful for having many best friends in my life that lives outside this country and yet our connections strong in our hearts that we still contact and support each other often

I am grateful for having many old good and best friends that would contact me whenever they come to this country. Although sometime they didn’t manage to meet due to their busy schedules, but contacting and remembering me are more than enough for me

I am grateful for having many other friends including those I’ve never met before. They have been source of inspirations in my life. Their love, care and attention amaze me!

I am grateful for having met with the wrong ones (be it friends or wrong relationships), so that I know what the right ones are and to treasure them in life to the fullest!

I am grateful for having many loyal blogger readers who read each my blog post and give comments on it. Your valuable time to read and comment inspire me to write more and better post :)

So, again, thank you SB for everything!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Hope everyone who read this have wonderful time and life out there!!! :)


Sherab Tenzin Dorji said...

Indeed you must be more grateful for having many things which many of your friends like me can't even dream of having them. You're blessed. BTW as much as you feel blessed for having readers, we, as readers, too feel blessed for having a blogger like you who never fails to come up with good reads for us. I really love the frequency at which you update your blog. Keep blogging aum Rima.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you very much for reading and giving your beautiful and kind words as always Sherab!

Welcome back to Bhutan and hope you had tasted amazing journey abroad! :) Keep writing, you too, and take care! ^^

Sangay Phuntsho said...

I believe your gratefulness for faith in Buddha, dharma and Sangha has a lot to do with all subsequent gratefulness you mentioned. Nice read and I am grateful for your post.

Rima Reyka said...

Maybe Sangay :) and thank you for keep reading and leaving beautiful comments on my blog posts. I'm very grateful for your time and effort. Wish you have a wonderful life out there! :)

Anonymous said...

I am grateful to have sister like you... the rest is about same... :)

Rima Reyka said...

Same here yz! Thank you ;)

Sherab Tenzin Dorji said...

Thank you for that aum RIma. I have enjoyed days outside. I have also discovered many things. That joy shall become more pronounced in me only if I can share to others. Hope I will get time to share all my experiences here in my little corner. Thanks for the reminder. Have beautiful week days ahead!

Rima Reyka said...

Same to you Sherab :)

Flora said...

Well written... It's in deed a reminder for every one

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Flora! Everyone can do this in every day of their lives too. It'll be a great reminder and to realize our contentment in this life. Take care Charo! :)

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