Sunday, September 21, 2014

Beautiful natures from Russia :)

Have you ever wondered if the sun or the moon at the other part of the world is rounder, sweeter, much more beautiful, or all almost the same?

When I was studying in Beijing many years back, I thought the moon in China is much rounder and brighter during the full moon or mid-Autumn Festival. Because this legend was coming from this country, so obviously, I expected that the moon there would be much better than what we had in Indonesia.

On that night of celebration, many friends of mine and myself were having picnic, basking ourselves under the moon on the basketball field, waiting for the much expected bright moon illuminating the sky. But to my disappointment, it wasn't as great as what I expected. Hehehe...

Here, I share with you the beauty of the natures, from Russia with love.... :)

Sunrise from my hotel's window - Moscow 8th September 2014

I was amazed when I opened the curtain on the first morning of my visit in Moscow
The sun was rising beautifully right in front of this very window of my room
What a joy behold filled my heart with blessing and grateful feeling
I knew that I was home of this earth, wherever I was

Sunlight from above the high sky brighten up the whole city - Moscow, 8th September 2014
Once I finished my breakfast and went back into my room,
the above was what I saw
I could hardly say any word
I was numb, couldn't believe my own sight
What a lovely day we'd have!!!

Beautiful and bright!!! Moscow, 8th September 2014

I turned my head to the right...
And that's what I found!
It reminded me of the movies that I usually watched
It was alive, right in front of me
Again, I was stunned with the beautiful view
Couldn't believe that it was real!

Sunset in Suzdal, Russia - 8th September 2014

We left to Suzdal by bus
It was quite a long journey
But it was all worth it
Their houses were beautiful, so did the natures surrounded it
By the time we reached this lovely village
We were welcomed by the beautiful sunset above

Full moon on Mid-Autumn Festival in Suzdal, Russia - 8th September 2014

Right after finished our dinner, the moonlight came by
It was the awaiting mid-Autumn Festival!!

The weather outside was terribly cold!!!
And it was wise for us to stay warm inside this wooden cottage
My parents came over to our room
with moon cakes, beer, and other snacks
We had this little family celebration
in this lovely night

Good morning!! Dobroye Utro!!! - Greetings by flying birds from Suzdal, Russia :)

We woke up an hour earlier than the wake-up call
Just to see the beautiful sunrise from this lovely place
We had a leisurely walk around the area
and found many beautiful natures around us

Beautiful flowers in Suzdal, Russia :)

 The above flowers were one of them
The morning dews were stuck to each flowers
The colors were amazingly refreshing, dazzling, and bright!!!
Do you feel freshen up now??

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!!! From Suzdal, Russia, with lots of love..... :)

 With my picture above, 
indeed, you feel freshen now, don't you???

Here I want to wish all of you
Blessed with good health, wealth, luck
Life full of joy and happiness :)
Have a great week ahead and be happy always!!! ^^


Tshering Chekii said...

Refreshing and beautiful post on beauty of nature. Amazing photography. Love it (y)

Flora said...

Thanks for sharing about your wonderful trip to Russia, i can see how beautiful the country it is, with all those lovely nature have indeed toured me mentally all around the places that you have been in Russia... WOW! yes i do feel very fresh and nice after reading this.

celipu said...

We want more... we want more...!!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for going through and your kind words Tshering! Glad that you loved it! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Flora for consisting reading my post and leaving your comment here! Have a great week ahead! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Hehehe.... Let's see how it goes! Thank you for reading and your comment! :)

Ugyen Tenzin said...

Yeah, your photographs are amazingly beautiful ma'am and I am sure that you had one of your most beautiful visits, experiencing the beauty of the place. Hope everything is going well everyday. Take Care. :)

Sonam Tenzin said...

I love the sunset pictures. :-)

Rima Reyka said...

I was just lucky ba! The views there were offering me to take their pictures at their loveliest post :) Indeed, the place was amazingly beautiful, I never expected to see such a wonderful place down there ^^ Thank you Ugyen for your comments! Wish you have a great week ahead! :)

Rima Reyka said...

I took it from inside the bus so the resolution wasn't that clear but it was still beautiful no matter what. The sunset deserved the praise from all of us, wasn't it? ;)

Lekey Choden Dorji said...

Truly amazing are the pictures Rima mam. Going through your art has always been an inspiration. Of course the pictures made my evening a wonderful one. Loved your post. Have a great week ahead. Take Care :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Lekey for your beautiful words! Have a great week ahead to you too! :)

Lingi Jamtsho said...

Its always a delight to read your blogs and the amazing photographs make them even more beautiful. Keep sharing.

Rima Reyka said...

Kadinche-la Au Lingi! Great that you enjoyed reading it :) Have a wonderful time there! ^^

Tshewang Dorji said...

Beautiful indeed!.....keep sharing..

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tshewang! :)

Sangay Phuntsho said...

While sun we understand is round, your picture shows it's rounder and better in Russia as you captured. Pictures were amazing and bathing my eyes with those, was really refreshing. You're lucky madam Rima. Thanks.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sangay for your comment! Have a great day! :)

Anonymous said...

U r one lucky person where ur hobby of travelling around the world can actually materialize. May u be bestowed with all the favorable conditions hereafter to keep seeing new places.

Ugyen Gyeltshen

Rima Reyka said...

Many thanks for your kind wishes la Ugyen, also for dropping by and leaving this beautiful comment :) Happy Thrue-bab Ugyen! ^^

Naren said...

Hi Rima!
Fortunate to get your blog via Rupa KK.
Making a wonderful moment in life..(how often it happens!), capturing it thru your own eyes and sharing is with lovely crowd is your great asset and same is appreciated. I enjoyed it.
It reminded me of my days in Russia...travelled thru Moscow to far east Vladivostok...its a beautiful country!

Rima Reyka said...

Hi Naren, nice to meet you here! I'm glad that you enjoyed the pictures and reminded you back to your traveling time before to Russia.

Could you give me your blog address? Well, wish you have a nice day! Take care! :)

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