Sunday, September 14, 2014

Russian Circus at Dubrovka Theater, Moscow

It's been the seventh day my stay here in Russia. It's been tiring but full of enjoyment. I'd been wanting to write blog and share more experience with you. There were many things I wanted to share. Just like this evening. We went to see Circus performance at the Dubrovka Theater.

Dubrovka Theater, Moscow

We reached late. It supposed to start at 6pm. But we only reached 20 minutes later due to late serving during our dinner. So it'd been started halfway when we got our seat. We sat at top floor, at the sixth rows from the front side.

You know, when I knew that Circus was inside the itinerary, I was all exciting and looking forward to watch it. Because it's been so long that I'd watched my last Circus. In fact, I still remembered the first Circus that I watched during my childhood time.

I was six years old. My mother brought me to the Circus that was held not too far from where we lived. I went with some other people too, most probably my sisters.  It was held inside the big round red color tent. Surrounded it, there were many other colorful tents, just like what it's always drawn in many children's story book.

We sat quite in front row but a bit in the left side on a wooden bench, which was getting higher at the back of it. I was so happy watching the animals, like elephants, lions, parrots, and was awed with performances like tightrope walkers, acrobats, trapeze acts, uni-cyclist, and most importantly, the clown. They put the net under the tightrope and trapeze's performances and we were wondering if anyone would fall on it and yes, they did (perhaps some of them were still quite amateur ba!)

And tonight, when the clown appeared and entertained the audience, it really brought me back to the nostalgic moments. I heard laughter from children who were sitting all around me. They were enjoying it, laughing innocently, and incessantly, just like me. All this feeling suddenly brought me into tears, tears of happiness.

During half-an-hour break time, I asked my niece out from the theater. We saw from above the activities provided for the children. Singing, dancing, standing in line just like a choo-choo train, and so on. Many people were queuing for the Popcorn, candy stalls, toys stalls, and so on.

Russian Circus in Dubrovka Theater, Moscow

I saw parents (with more Mums) brought their lovely daughters and sons out to watch this Circus. They were sitting down. They all bought some snacks, pastries, and beverages from the nearby food stall and sat together enjoying their meals.

Children enjoyed their time - Russian Circus

I could feel so much love in this building. Kids were wearing their best dress. Girl's hair was braided beautifully by their mothers. The boys were dressed handsomely by their mothers again. I saw their laughter, their joy. Their smiles, their happiness. And I was telling myself how lucky they were by having such lovely parents who brought them to this Circus, just like me, many many many years back and I felt very grateful to my parents, who had given me chances to watch it not only once, but even up to this age, when I've become a mother, and parents myself. I was even thinking if my son would still enjoying this kind of performance at this age, and whether it would leave him with beautiful memory as I had.

Kids looked at their reflections on distorted mirror :) (Photo courtesy of Landa)

There were many distorted mirrors outside the theater too and many people from any ages would love to stand up in front of it and take a look how funny they had become. Children were again laughing and playing with their friend around in front of those mirrors.

The show was last for 2 hours and 45 minutes (with break in between). It wasn't same as what I watched before as they didn't show us elephants, or lions as this was held inside the building and not inside the tents. They also showed lots of performance using skating. Not using ice though, but something like wax floor. Perhaps it's because they often do ice skating during winter times and it has been part of their culture.

The trapeze show has been modernized though using the glow-in-the-dark costume also the ropes. There were many singers too, singing live on the stage. Except for the hot room (no air-con inside), the Circus was quite enjoyable for me. I love the clown the most.

Some of the shows - Russian Circus

When it's over, we exited happily from the building. However, on our way to the bus, we saw the name list carved on the wall with many toys put below it. Only then I knew that twelve years ago, on 23rd October, something happened in that very place. They called it 2002 Nord Ost siege.

It was a tragedy that had made hundred over people, as hostages, including many children (the main audience of the Circus), pregnant women, etc., died after few days' siege. You can read more about it here. My heart wrenched after heard about it and I was a bit guilty for being too happy inside that theater just hours ago. I deeply pray here for those victims, wishing them to rest their soul in peace and to be born in a much better world. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.


kinleywangchuk said...

Oh well well!! You are again into another part of the world.Seems indeed travelling is what is written on your forehead!! are so lucky to be getting to travel to so many places.
You surely do seep every drop of happiness to the fullest, apart from Vodka....hahaha!!!
Enjoy your trip Rima..and keep on with you updates!!Been long time( exams were going on), just completed few days back!! SEE ya!!

Sangay Phuntsho said...

I envy the kind of life you're going with. It's brimming with enjoyment if I could make through your post. Keep enjoying and ya updates. Thanks.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kinley for spending time reading my post and commenting on it despite you were busy preparing your exams :) Wish you all the best and hope you will get flying color results again! Have a wonderful week ahead! ^^

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sangay :)

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