Saturday, September 06, 2014

What is happiness to you?

To me, happiness is something that I feel inside my heart, that makes me feel happy and content, especially from simple thing that happens in life, such as: love, family, friendship, togetherness, and so on.

Well, to you or to other people, happiness can be something like own a big house, luxury car, earn high salary every month, hold a very high post in the office, travel regularly abroad sponsored by your office or other organization, have a beautiful and pretty wife or handsome and rich husband, and so on.

It's something that we feel very subjective, isn't it?

Today I've spent my time happily with my family members. My parents came yesterday and we spent the precious time with my brother and families too, by having dinner, breakfast, and lunch together. It was a very simple meal, just a normal food sold in hawker center. But the togetherness that we had was not something that we could have every day. It is priceless.

Once reaching home, my hubby and I took rest for a while. After that, we boiled water in the kettle and made a tea. We both sat on the dining room face to face. It was only two of us at home. It was so quiet and peaceful. We had a plate of curry puff and ate it with chilli padi - a small but very spicy chilli. We ate, drank our tea and chit chatted. I felt blessed!!!

To be happy, it doesn't mean we have to sit in Starbucks, TWG Salon and Boutique, or other expensive Cafe or restaurant in town. The coffee or tea doesn't have to be branded, brewed using an expensive machine, or poured from luxury tea pot. The food accompaniment doesn't have to be a variety of delicious and expensive pastry or desserts.

The one that we had was just perfect. Most importantly we had a nice two-way communication, great taste of food and the tea that was hot.

So, how about you? What happiness is to you?


Kipchu Namgyel said...

Happiness is when I go through a write up like yours and when I get to know that someone has similar way of defining happiness to myself.

Rima Reyka said...

Glad that you think the same way too Kipchu! Have a great week ahead! :)

Sangay Phuntsho said...

Happiness should be plated in every activities one does. But when this isn't possible at times, happiness to me becomes when things goes my way. This is also reason I tread a bumpy roads and smooth roads. Nice read madam Rima.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for your comment Sangay! Be happy always! :)

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