Sunday, October 19, 2014

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets EXPO in Johor Bahru City Square, Malaysia

Yesterday I finally went to the above place!!! It's located just across the Singapore border, right after the Malaysia Immigration Checkpoint. We took bus there. This was the second time where the Expo held in Malaysia. The first one was held in Kuala Lumpur.

Initially we would like to visit it earlier this year. However, due to our busy schedules, we never made it. So, when we knew that it'd be held at the nearer place from Singapore, we decided to buy the ticket without hesitating!!! It costs RM25 each for Adult and this will go on until 4th January 2015 :)

Here we are!!! 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets EXPO at Johor Bahru :)

It's a fate that brought all of us together. Doraemon has always been my favorite cartoon since my younger time. He always amazed me with his gadgets, brought me to the secret wonderland that could fulfill whatever wishes that I wanted. Of course, this was only existing in my deepest imagination. In real life, we all had to work hard to get what we wanted ^^

I used to spend my pocket money to buy the comics. I would slowly read it during my free time. Every Sunday morning, I would sit in front of my TV at 8am just to watch the cartoon. There were three short episodes in each series and that was enough to brighten up my day :)

Below are the pictures taken yesterday, for your viewing pleasures :)

Anywhere Door or Pintu Ajaib - Open it to whatever place that you want to go!!!

This was the first thing that I would have wanted to borrow from him!!! With this, I could go to any places, saving lots of my time and of course, money. I didn't have to raise Visa, queue through the immigration, and so on. Hehehe.. What a wonderful dream oh? ;)

Hopter or Baling Baling Bambuuuu.... - Use this to fly within city :)

This was another gadget that I could use in short distance, like to work, to my brother's place, meeting friends at Cafe, and so on. I could save taxi, bus and MRT fare with this. But not suitable for those who were afraid of height. Ahem.. ahem... :P

Pass Loop or Pass Through Hoop - To link to another place

It was almost similar, but it connected from one room to another. Still remember when Nobita built his own apartment room and using this loop to get inside. Hm..... Nice to have own room and own time, wasn't it? :)

Torch Light Minimizer - Everything will become smaller when it is lit (Just like the picture above!) :D

Hahaha.... Yes, just like the picture above!!! Everything you lit with this torch would become smaller in size!!! ;)

Memory Bread - The ever wanted gadget for those who is having exam soon!!! ;)

When it came to exam, we often had difficulty in memorizing the formula, wordings, and so on. This memory bread would come in handy and would be great for those who loved eating (just like my son!!!)

Time Machine or Mesin Waktu - Where do you want to go? Who do you want to see?

Ponder it for a while. If you were given a chance to ride onto the time machine, where would you want to go and who do you want to see? Hehehe.. Perhaps many of you would like to go to the future to see on what you'd have become in 20 years time. If you got married with your current girlfriend, had children, or stayed single forever. If you were rich or poor, successful or an asshole. Then you would want to go back to the past to change it all for the better future... Yayaya.. only if.....

Parallela Umbrella - Very useful gadget to make the beautiful girl beside you to become your wife :D

Hahaha.... Yes yes... Open this umbrella, stand beside her for five minutes, and she would be yours... That's your dream too, wasn't it? That's how my hubby tricked me into marriage!!! Lolx!!! Kidding :P

Cupid's Arrow - Let the potion worked to both of you!!!

If the above umbrella wasn't powerful enough, let the cupid played its role. Let him shoot the arrow to your partner and make her yours! This photo reminded me of my hubby's courting time. We were sitting on the roof just like the scene above during Chinese New Year at my home sweet home. It was flooding - no where to go - and lots of mosquitoes at home. The rooftop became the perfect place to chill and unwind below the moon and the stars. Perhaps that was when my son from his previous life shot the cupid's arrow to both of us :D

Well, there were more things there actually, which I couldn't show it one by one. If you loved it, go and see it for yourself. Enjoy your time there with all the exhibitions there and have lots of great fun like what we did.

After a long walk over a not-so-big space, we were quite tired and having a break at the Doraemon Cafe that was located at the 4th floor of the mall.

Doraemon Cafe at Johor Bahru City Square

We had tasted the real Memory Bread and Dorayaki (Doraemon's favorite snack), accompanied with a cup of hot chocolate (topped with Doraemon's face figure). My two besties joined us in the afternoon and we had really enjoyed our time together!

So, hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and if you can watch Doraemon series at your contry, go and watch it or otherwise find it online. Soak yourself into the dream land once in a while and be happy!!! :)


Sonam Yangzom said...

It seems like you had a really great time out there, Rima mam. And i too did enjoy your article and the place through the pics. Thank you for sharing, Take care!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for reading it and leaving your comment Sonam! I'm happy that you enjoyed it too :) Have a great week ahead! Take care! ^^

sancha rai said...

Wonderful sharing on the subject la...thanks for the kinder information...thanks

Flora said...

Good to see all those joyful photos, its alys my pleasure to read your blog of your daily life events. "100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets EXPO looks interesting world to must visit for fun place.
Great you are enjoying with you time with all the lovely people around you.cheers!!

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sancha! Have a nice day! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Flora for your beautiful and encouraging comments! :)

Tenzin Chophel said...

Certainly you have had a great day out with your lovely family. Hope this trip had given you a new energy for the coming weekdays.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tenzin! We indeed had a great time together :) Wish you have a great week ahead too! ^^

flora said...

always my pleasure my friend.

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