Thursday, November 06, 2014

Autumn in Singapore

Autumn in Clarke Quay, Singapore

This place, this bridge,
will be overflown by people

In the morning,
A mother walks slowly holding one of her child's hands
(after having a happy meal breakfast at the nearby fast food restaurants)
with her child's another hand holding the colorful free baloon, tighten with transparent string flying above the sky
The father push the baby's pram with both hands and conversing using the baby language with his chatty baby
Four of them walk together full of smiles upon their faces and enjoy the view of the red maple leaves that are dangling on the trees

Late afternoon after lunching at the nearby Japanese restaurant,
A loving couple hold their hands with one head resting on another's shoulder
Strolling at the side of the river romancing their love feelings
The woolen scarfs linger over their necks
and the handsome autumn jackets
keep themselves from the chill wind

The ring sound of the ice cream seller
jingles the already noisy environment
And although it's cold, 
it won't deter the crowds from buying it
Rainbow ice cream, durian, mint, cempedak ice potong, and many other flavors, 
will remind them of theit childhood memories

When the evening comes,
buskers started occupying the empty space
along the bridge... 
along the river...

From afar
You can hear stream of guitars sound
followed by a melodious song,
beautifies the already beautiful day...

Some people are running, cycling, pushing their scooter with complete gears
from one point to another
But many start from one place and end up finishing at the same place again after making a long way U-turn
Despite chill weather, these are activities that they love doing it as part of their healthy lifestyle

As the wind blows harder, 
the leaves are falling,
little by little
Slowly, the floor is flooded with dried and withered leaves
Leaving crispy crack sound when you step on it

Red maple leaves beautifies the autumn season

Later at night, 
laughter heard loudly
from groups of people who are sitting above the walls along the bridge
With liquor, wine, and beer bottles surrounding them
They sit there all night chit chatting, singing and dancing
All happy and smile :)

Ah, how I wish Autumn is here...
instead of the hazy grey cloud and burning forest smell that coming from the neighborhood countries

Then I'll soak the autumn air myself by sitting along the river with book at one hand and hot cup of coffee at another hand

Daydreaming feels great! ^^

It's time for me to wake up now! 
I know weekend is coming very soon
but fantasizing the autumn here is a much greater feeling than to do my work after a heavy lunch
Hope you enjoy your weekend everyone and have a great one! :)


Kipchu Namgyel said...

That was a real imaginations of a passionate writer.I liked the beautiful flow of your dream.Nice photos too lah.

Rima Reyka said...

Haha... Thank you for your comment lah Nuchu! But I still don't think it's good enough :D Btw your Singlish have improved very fast lor! Perhaps after reading Crazy Rich Asians eh? ;) All photos were taken just surrounding here only. Glad that you enjoyed it! Have a great weekend! ^^

sancha rai said...

That was wonderful thoughts with few shots...nicely written la...thanks

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sancha! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Sangay Cholden said...

Nice one~

Rima Reyka said...

Kadinche-la Sangay! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

Lingi Jamtsho said...

Lovely as always...the flow is fantastic...keep writing

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Au Lingi! Keep reading la! ;)

Sonam Tenzin said...

I love your new style of writing. It is melodious. ;-)

I apologize for keeping myself away from visiting your blog for so long. :-) In fact, I have been selfish, only being able to update my blog and unable to visit others. So, sorry again. :-)

And as those, above, who did comment already, your photos and pictures blend perfectly with your write ups. This is one special feature in your blog. Keep it up.

Happy weekend. Take care. Buddha bless us all. :-)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sonam for your lovely comments! Don't feel sorry for what happened. Everything happens for a reason no? ;)
Hope you have great time over there too and blessed with good health all the time! Take care and have a great Sunday! ^^

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