Friday, November 21, 2014

PSLE Results Day!!!

PSLE 2014 - Xin Min Primary School
Today is a BIG day for all Primary 6 students all across Singapore. They were receiving their PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination) results this morning at their respective school. Parents were allowed to go to the hall to listen the Principle and Vice Principle's speech and to witness the awards delivery for those well-performed students.

I took leave today in order to accompany my son to the school, together with my hubby. We were giving him a moral support and to witness the last day of his school attendance in his Primary School. Six years passed by too fast. I still remembered the day I went there for the very first time to register him for the Primary 1. Now my son has grown up and become a teenager very soon.

Inside the hall, we were provided seats based on the class. Not bad. Many parents, guardian (usually grandparents), some siblings or relatives of the students, came to support the students. This year, we also received good news that every students passed the PSLE results and able to continue their study to the Secondary Level. Tears were coming out from my eyes when the Principal was announcing this news. I was very happy to all of them. Their hard work was paid off.

Once all the announcement was over, students were led back to their class. Last chance to sit together in their class. Parents were waiting outside and peeked how the results were finally distributed to the student.

I saw my son's face not that bright when receiving his results from his teacher haha... When he came out and showed us the results, it wasn't as much as what he expected earlier on, but we were still very happy because there were improvement on Chinese subject and at least, he didn't fail his Math. Wow! :)

He got the average marks only, but he was still happy because there were still few other friends who got lower marks than him. Just too bad that he couldn't go to the Express class and had to enroll for the Normal class, which caused him to study longer by one year.

My colleague was sending me message, asking about my son's results. When I told her about it, she asked me, "Is he taking it well?" I replied, "Of course." She then said, "Good! That's (my son's name)! Always positive and happy go lucky :)" Then I told her, "Yes, it's a much more important quality rather than just having good marks in life :)" She replied, "I agree! Most importantly is the kid is healthy and happy! :)" 

She was indeed true! There were many other students who got much higher marks than my son, but she/he ended up crying because it was not as good as what they'd expected (too high expectation from themselves or from their parents - also from society).

Another funny thing was that some parents whose child got better mark than my son, were hoping that their child to get lower marks. Why? Because even though their children fell under Express class, the marks were not high enough to enroll the good school that located nearby their house. They thought that at least with lower marks than that, their children still could be accepted in that school, but under Normal class. I was shaking my head hearing that.

Anyway, there were many funny things resulting from this exams. I'm glad that it's over. For Singaporeans, PSLE exams were as if the University's exams results. Students were given very high pressure, even at this age.

My hubby and I didn't expect much from him as we didn't want to pressure him so much with the academic results. Therefore, as long as he had tried his best, we were happy enough and with this grades, hopefully he still could be accepted to the school located nearby to our house. That's the only hope that we have. And like what my colleague said, most importantly, the kid is healthy and happy!! Right?? :)


Flora said...

Congratulations to your young boy! that's it he made to secondary.yes, time flys so fast, i can't believe even my daughter will be in secondary school next year. all though he haven't complete for the year yet, but she can get though i am very much sure. her final exam will be starting from 29th i believe. she is average student too but she does her best and come with her best result as per her level and strength. so i appreciate it. like wise i feel its too much to pressurize children at their age.I believe in your moto 'happy and healthy' is more to be focused .

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you very much Flora for your kind wishes! I hope your daughter will graduate soon happily :) I'm sure she can make it with her best effort. Take care and have a wonderful weekend! :)

Tshewang Dorji said...

You should make your son pick up the habit that of yours: "writing"....:P nice to know anyway!..

Richard Quek said...

If our child has done his best then this is the best gift that he has given us.

Rima Reyka said...

Thanks Tshewang! Hahaha... I wish he has the same passion as me but too bad he doesn't ;)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Richard! Indeed! :)

Tenzin Chophel said...

Many congratulation to your son and you too! You concluded with an important note-It is more important that the kid is healthy and happy than just scoring high marks. Many parents make mistake by expecting high marks from their child without understanding their child properly and this is spoiling the relationship between a child and parents. Generally expectation are kept by parents and when the child fails to meet their high expectations, happiness is lost between the parent and a child.

But I feel you and your hubby is doing right to your son. May God bless him! Good night.

Kipchu Namgyel said...

Nice parenting la.Your way of not pressurizing will let him discover his passion and interest.For instance; writing for you.Congratulations to your son for making it la.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you very much for your words Tenzin! I appreciate it very much! Hope you had a lovely weekend and great life there! Take care! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kipchu for your well wishes! I hope you will make your dream come true too! Happy Sunday! :)

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