Sunday, November 16, 2014

Run For Hope 2014

The annual Run For Hope is here again! Just like the other years - 2013 and 2012 - we participated and supported this event as the fund will be use for a cancer research.

Run For Hope 2014 - 3.5 km Family Run/ Walk

As usual, my son, my bestie, other friends, and myself joined in this to strengthen out our friendship, bond time with my dear son, and of course, for some great fun! ;) (My colleagues were participating too. But, as there were more than 10,000 people signing up for the event, we only met up briefly at the beginning and ending part of the event hehe..).

There were two run categories: 10 km and 3.5 Family run/ walk. We joined the 3.5 km only and started running at 7.35am this morning. Despite heavy rain last night, this morning we were blessed with a wonderful weather and glimpse of sunshines! Oh, I couldn't stop thanking the above for the perfect weather today! It was cool at times and warm at some other times.

My friends were running in front. I chose to accompany my son and follow him from behind. He walked slowly not bothering people surrounding him who ran here and there. Despite my nagging, he preferred to follow his instinct to just walk slowly and enjoyed it! ;)

His Mom would be the luckiest one as she too didn't have to run but to follow him, take care of him, support, and encourage him to move forward from behind.

As he walked slowly, this Mom came out a naughty idea of taking many photo shoots of his son's background! Haha... And below is a very short clip for their journey of Run For Hope 2014 ;)

After running through the finishing line, we gathered again taking some photo together then having our customary breakfast at McDonald's :D Each of us ordered a set of Big Breakfast meal.

Customary breakfast after Run For Hope ;)

If last year my son would be satisfy with his meal, this year his appetite has grown (perhaps he is in growing time now!). He claimed he wasn't full enough.

So, two hours later, we ended up eating a big plate of Briyani Chicken bought at one of the Indian stalls in Tekka Center's hawker center, which I had to queue for more than half an hour to get it (I was the only Chinese along the very long queue where the rest were mostly Indian).

It was my first time visiting Tekka Center although it had been built there for a very long time. I only knew that the Briyani there was very nice, but didn't know which stall selling it. Therefore, I just browsed around and joined the stalls that had the longest queue. (In Singapore, when you didn't know which food was nice when you visited the hawker center, just find one with the very long queue!)

Delicious Briyani Chicken at Tekka Center

Hmmm.... The Briyani chicken was not only tasting delicious, its portion was big and the price was reasonable too!!! I had to share my meal with my bestie while my son had his share alone. One plate of Briyani chicken costs only S$4.50 plus egg masala at S$0.60 while other place sell it at least S$5.50 per plate.

Oh.. We all were very full after this meal. We even skipped dinner today haha... :D

Overall we had a great time again today and blessed with great weather and accompany! Thank you SB for everything! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Hope all of you spend a great weekend too out there! For those who will have exams tomorrow, wish you all the best! Don't hallucinate too much until pen and paper can converse with you! Haha... Just kidding! Anyway, all the best guys! ^^


sancha rai said...

aptly jotted ...thanks

Kipchu Namgyel said...

So you had Chiken Biryani.It's good, isn't it? Running for hope; I could see loads of hope on the faces in the photos.Have a nice week ahead la.

Ugyen Tenzin said...

After running for a Hope we landed up ordering Chicken Briyani lol. Happy post ma'am la, I am sure that all of you had fun time. It would have been better if you had gone for 10 km run for it suits you and your beloved son ;). Anyway good health and regards to all of you. Keep running for the hope in your life, life will surely reward you fruitfully. Take Care. :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sancha for reading and your comment! Have a great week ahead! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Enn la nuchu! It tasted delicious! I love Indian food. Only that I didn't dare to see how they prepared and served it hahaha....

Have a great week ahead to you too and lots of luck for your exams! Take care! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... Yes, we filled our energy back very fast hahaha.... :P

But definitely no 10 km for us :D

You take care too nuchu! Have a great week ahead! ^^

Sonam Tenzin said...

It was a good thing that you did; Run For Hope. And it got a good cause and purpose too. Participating in it makes you one human ( as you are donating some from your side also). That's what 'being human' means. ;-) And Buddhist too. :-)

Sorry to have read the post so late. :-)

Good day. Buddha bless us all. :-)

Rima Reyka said...

Hi Sonam! No need to feel sorry la! I even need to thank you for your time and effort to read and leave your comment here! I really appreciate it la! Somehow it made my day too! :)

May Buddha bless you with a healthy body and mind so that you can overcome anything in your life smoothly! Take care and have a wonderful day! ^^

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