Sunday, November 30, 2014

Splendid time together - Steamboat, gals night out and TNP Big Walk 2014!!!

Ingredients for Steamboat :)

Whole afternoon our land was blessed with a falling rain. What a perfect time to have a steamboat!!! :) Just nice we had planned to celebrate the upcoming one of my besties' Birthday at her house. We met up in evening time at the nearest supermarket to buy the above ingredients. By the time we reached her house, we were all hungry and therefore, prepared our dinner immediately!!!

Steamboat Feast - ET Birthday :)


This was how our steamboat looking like!!! Sliced meats, canned meat, sausages, prawn balls, home mixed pork meat balls, cheese tofu, tofu, assorted mushroom and vegetables, with mixture of sesame and scallions dip and chilli sauces. We prepared two different types of soup - chicken stock and Tom Yam flavor. Hmm.... what a hot and delicious food under the perfect weather!!!

Three of us used to work at the same place but two of them were there at different time. I've known PY for more than 10 years now and ET slightly less than that. Even though they had moved to many different companies to work at, we still maintained this friendship and some events made both of them to become closer. I was like a bridge to both of their friendships.

Perhaps, it was fate ba! A beautiful fate that made me feeling so lucky knowing them. With them, I could trust and share my secret (also they could trust me with their secrets). We offered comforts at times when we needed the most - office matters, relationship broke down, and so on. We remained loyal to each other and kept our secrets from leaking out to other party. It was because we respected each other's privacy and preferences in life.

During those longest years, we sometimes fought and kept quiet to each other. However, it didn't take long. Those friendships feeling were just there. We could just get back together as if nothing was ever happened. We indeed forgave and forgot those small little things :)

As we grew up and became more mature, we had become a much more understanding person and treasure our friendships more. Our relationship was not always serious too! We laughed, joked, and teased each other with no tears coming out.

We had shared countless events through our passing life such as: birthdays, Christmas celebration; attended many events like Run For Hope, OCBC Cycling, and today's The NewPaper Big Walk; met up on regular basis for simple things like dinner, lunch, karaoke session, and so on. And the best thing was they always allowed me bringing my dear son to join on our activities so that I could still spend my precious times together with him.

Best Friends Forever - Cheers!!! :)

Thank you my dear friends for the friendship you offered! For your understanding, love, care, concern, help, supports, and many priceless gifts in life! I really enjoyed our time together last night. Dinner, drink session, cutting Birthday cake, etc. As if we were back to teenager's time, PY, me and my son were sleeping over at ET's house and slept together in ET's room. We chit chatted until 2.15am before finally fell asleep.

At 5.10am we had to wake up as we were joining our first The New Paper (TNP) Big Walk together. We reached the starting point by 6.35am at Nicoll Highway MRT and by 7am we started to walk 5 km journey ahead. We had great times together surrounded with many beautiful sceneries and people around us. Below, please enjoy the photos taken during the day!!!

The New Paper Big Walk 2014 - Singapore

Good morning Singapore!!! Superb weather!!! - The New Paper Big Walk 2014

Beautiful Sunday morning over Singapore Flyer - TNP Big Walk 2014

Singapore city center - TNP Big Walk 2014

View over The Float @Marina Bay and Helix Bridge - TNP Big Walk 2014

Another great time together!!! - The New Paper Big Walk 2014

Our reflection from ET shades - The New Paper Big Walk 2014

So, hope all of you have a great weekend too with your loved ones! December is coming very soon! The last month of the year, another busy month full of gatherings and celebrations!!! Live your life to the fullest and be grateful always guys! Make your 2014 memorable as always!!! Have fun!!! :)


Kipchu Namgyel said...

No doubt, you Singaporeans are real foodies haha. The photos were really beautiful.Thanks for sharing and cheers to your friendship.Have a nice week.

sancha rai said...

Thanks for sharing you kinder information here....

Rima Reyka said...

Indeed Nuchu! We love food more than anything! :D

It's the beautiful weather, sun and structures that made the photos beautiful, plus a good camera phone to rely on. Thank you for your wishes and hope you have a wonderful week too! Take care! :)

Rima Reyka said...

It's my pleasure Sancha! :)

Flora said...

full of fun and yum!!

Rima Reyka said...

Yes Flora! We really had a great fun and great food! Thank you for reading la :)

dumcho wangdi said...

You have a lovely country. I envy a lot. Enjoy.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Dumcho! You too have a lovely country :)

Sangay Phuntsho said...

Your country is simply great and you're having great time in it. Nice to hear that you're enjoying madam Rima.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sangay! :)

Rick Watson said...

I know that was a fun time. We need to find time to do that more.

Rima Reyka said...

You are right Rick! Thanks for dropping by :)

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