Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Reflection, dreams and hope

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It’s mid-December now. Two more weeks to go and the year will change. How fast time flies!

So, how do you feel? Has 2014 been good to you? Is there any improvement or reaching on goals and resolutions that you made previously? Any of your dreams have come true?

Generally, 2014 has been a good year. So far most things have gone smoothly. Most importantly, all of us are blessed with a very good health. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

My dream to travel to a new place each year has come true. It was not only traveling to one place, but also to many unexpected places such as Korea, Tasmania, and Russia. I’ve spent a good and quality holiday time with my parents, spouse, son, siblings, besties, friends, and so on.

Those were such amazing places where I met up with many different type of people, tasted different kinds of food, experienced different cultures, looked at many different kind of sceneries, enjoyed many different kind of seasons – from snows to autumn, autumn to summer, tasting different kinds of alcohol, and so on.

Career and development wise – it is almost the same with not much changes. Hehe… I am not such an ambitious woman. Sometimes I envy those who dreams high to continue study or to get promoted. But to think back again with time that I enjoyed, it’s all worth it just to stay in ordinary life.

Do you remember the reason why I skipped my cycling and yoga class recently? It was due to watch the Korean drama on TV. Today the series has finally come to the end. But since I have appointment with besties tonight, I watched the last episode from Youtube instead, last night.

Wang's Family - Pic source: Google.com

The title of the drama is Wang’s Family. It depicts the challenges that Korean society and families facing in real life, such as: money, love, relationship between parent and child, husband and wife, in-laws relationship, etc. The hardship to maintain the marriage was apparently difficult and many would have to face many hurdles to be together again.

When I first watched it, I pitied the family because when I thought the storm should have been over, it was actually not ending yet. Things even got worsen each and every day. One by one the problems kept coming up and seemed like it would never end.

At the last episode, as expected (as what drama usually has to end with), it’s all back to good again. What I loved most was the last part where 30 years later, the adults in family gathered together in their living room and each of them told what they have become. Most of them told their current status, on which most of them were successful and rich – Vice President, famous handbag designer, famous writer, Pizza chain owner, owner of 3rd biggest company in Korea, Captain, and so on.

But the wise parents and grandma who experienced much more hardship than the younger generation and once experienced the bedridden situation were commenting differently. “Writer, Captain, business owner… Who cares if you couldn’t be those? One shouldn’t be too greedy. One day when you are old, money doesn’t matter anymore. But being healthy, it’s all that matters.”

One of the daughters, a career woman who spent most of her time working and earning more money commented with a slight regret, “I wonder why I worked so hard. I should have enjoyed myself more.”

“The outcome isn’t important in life. Every step that you take is more important” – which means enjoy more on the journey to reach the destination rather than the destination itself – was said by the father.

The main male actor who faced lots of hurdles and obstacles like bankruptcy, divorce due to third party, separation with kids and loved ones in the drama gave his short but truthful comment, “Having an ordinary life is not easy.” 

Pic source: Google.com

And at the end, the grandma who aged more than 100 years said according to her vast experience, “Even if you work hard, it will end the same way. You come empty handed, and leave that way too.” 

In fact, I felt relieved hearing their comforting words. First, to have an ordinary life, in fact, isn’t easy. When you have your life journey too simple, you will be tempted to make it complicated. 

E.g. when your marriage and career go smoothly, you can easily get bored. You want more excitement, and temptation can come easily from the oncoming of third party – in this case, affair; want to pursue further study (thus leaving your families back home and somehow temptation can happen to both couple); want to be promoted to higher position, status and to earn more money (thus less time spent for own self, families, and friends, and gained more stress and pressure on daily life, which at the end affected own health), etc.

Although my life is kind of simple, I enjoy each second of it. I spend most of my time doing things what I love doing, such as: traveling, writing, reading, cycling, watching some interesting TV programs, spending time with families and friends, etc. Work life balance is very important for me. Time to work, I will work wholeheartedly. Time to rest, I will rest fully. Time to socialize, I will socialize accordingly.

Learning doesn’t mean to open the book and earn certificate, diploma, or degree. Learning can be many things. Even learning from various people’s experience in life is also an interesting learning in life.

How much is enough? It will never be enough if you never feel content in your heart. And every goal you reach, there is consequence in return. So, choose wisely in life on what you want to do and prepare your next year resolution soon!!!

Live simply, love much, laugh often, and dream big. These four simple guides will be enough to maintain my simple life yet to the fullest, because at the end of the day, just like the grandma said, “You come empty handed, and leave that way too.” 

Live your life to the fullest!!! :)

Enjoy the rest of the time left in 2014 and embrace the New Year with open heart and positive mind!!! Not forgetting, enjoy the journey and be happy! :)


Tshering Delkar said...

Madam you really had a nice 2014 but not every one is lucky that way. :( i agree with you that we should do what we enjoy. Hope 2015 will be another great year for you and your family. Till then good luck and take care

celipu said...

2014 is a challenging year of my life... It's not too bad, its just some unexpected things happened! But I gain some valuable lessons.

I managed to read quite a few books this year! Not as many as you had though hahaha

I went to a memorable trip to Tasmania with you and Aileen & Shanty and my hubby! That was suuuper fun trip!

Some tragedies also happened in all over the world, which makes us sad!

Its a bittersweet year for me!

dumcho wangdi said...

The stories of 2014 for you and mine is all chalk and cheese. Haha. I had to struggle this whole academic year. Great that you had a good time in 2014. Wish you the same.

Namgang Cheje said...

It's great that you had fruitful 2014, 2014 was the beginnings of many events, and among all was the journey of my career waking up at 5am and back to home at 7pm. Happy New year in advance madam ji... keep posting....

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tshering for your comment! Isn't your 2014 great too? You got a chance that not everyone else was able to get and you fulfilled it now by studying oversea, knowing more friends from worldwide, visiting places you never thought of visiting before etc. Most importantly you are blessed with good health :) Isn't your 2014 wonderful too? ^^

Rima Reyka said...

Life is a roller coaster ride for everyone including me. The difference is how you handle it :)

Great to know that you managed to read despite your busy schedules and tons of pressures. Keep up your good habit! ;)

Hope we'll have another fun trip next year! Let's pray and be positive always! ^^

Rima Reyka said...

Hi Dumcho, most of the time struggle is required in order to achieve success. I'm sure you could overcome it smoothly :) Keep up your spirit of perseverance and graduate soon! Take care!

Rima Reyka said...

I'm glad you found a job although the hour was a bit long. But think those who were unable to get a job at all. Your situation is much better no? :) Happy New Year in advance to you too Namgang! Wish you a better year ahead and be positive always :)

Flora Yang said...

It's really impressive to go through the joyful journey of you charo in 2014, I hope you will have better one in 2015 too. Of course the year 2014 has thought me real meaning of life in many ways, Iearned a loads being away from home & family. Sadest part is being away from my daughter for this long year is unbearable, but that's how it taught me to be strong & how to challenge with the life and move on. Thanks Buddha for keeping is safe and happy.��

Rima Reyka said...

It's great that you have thought positively about your current away from home and from your daughter Charo! You have been strong in facing all this. Don't worry, this too shall pass very soon. I'm glad you overcome it with many positive thinking. Keep it up and wish you a wonderful 2015! Be safe and take care dear Flora! :)

Lingi Jamtsho said...

Indeed a fruitful year you had. Wish you the same, if not better, year 2015. Great piece of writing.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Au Lingi! Wish you a wonderful 2015 ahead! Keep writing la! :)

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