Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Li Chun (立春) 2015

A gentle reminder for those who believe in banking in the money on Li Chun (立春) day and wearing red top, the day will fall tomorrow, 4 February 2015!!! For those who don't know what it is about, please read my previous year's post here.

Managed to get the lucky timing table below based on your Chinese Horoscope from my bestie! Tq ET! ;)

Best time to Bank-in Money - Li Chun 4 February 2015

So don't forget wear red top tomorrow and bank-in money to your nearest ATM ;) Huat ahhhh!!!! :D


Eric said...

seriously? in an era of science and technology, we are still spreading this kind of superstitious, unproven, mind-numbing practices?

Anonymous said...

Eric, surprisingly u are reading it..

Jojoni Kwek said...

In Law of Attractions, if you have faith and belief in the custom, then it will come true. .. If you have doubt during putting money into the bank, then don't expect it will come true.

Anonymous said...

just follow tradition...Its never a bad deed to deposite $$$ into your own account.
Certainly I believe there must have some truth behind it . Just follow it as ritual. May Goddess of Wealth Bless All. Sai Ram

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