Sunday, March 15, 2015

Memorable evenings with food and drink in Singapore :)

After our first meeting on Sunday, Luzee and I met up again on few occasions. On Tuesday night, I joined into her meeting with Uden at eating place called Strictly Pancake, located at 44A Prinsep Street. I checked their website before reaching the place and looked at the review and recommended food to eat. It seemed like a nice place.

Strictly Pancakes - 44A Prinsep Street

Once work was over, I took MRT to Dobhy Ghaut, continued with a journey of one bus stop (many buses passed the bus stop from in front of Plaza Singapura) and walked there for less than 10 minutes. It’s between rows of restaurants and three of us were seating at the second floor.

Luzee and Uden were there when I reached the place. They had reached for quite some time and were just about drinking their Earl Grey tea. Once seated, we started taking our orders.

The Sunny Porker from Strictly Pancake

I heard their Garlic Buttered Prawns Pancake was highly recommended online, however, I wasn’t in a mood of eating that. I preferred something common and easy to taste. So I chose The Sunny Porker – bacon and sausage pancake topped with 2 sunny side egg, black pepper and mozzarella cheese with unsalted butter and maple syrup plus sautéed capsicum and corn at one side, instead.

Uden and her Red Velvet Pancake from Strictly Pancake

Luzee was vegetarian so she ordered two slices of pancakes with salted butter and maple syrup, added with sautéed mushroom and sour cream, while Uden jumped directly to sweet pancake and her choice was Red Velvet – the red velvet pancakes topped with cream cheese, a scoop of Vanilla ice cream, and sprinkles of hearts.
With Luzee - Strictly Pancake

Both of them used to work together before and I felt great being able to gather with them, as three of us were becoming much familiar with each other now.

As time went by, more people were coming in and having their late dinner there. For me, the pancake was delicious. It didn’t have floury taste and texture. It’s smooth and melted in the mouth. Uden’s pancake was not bad too, but too sweet to have it all alone.

If you were looking for a quieter place and something light and simple, this could be one of good choices. Only that the place wasn’t that big and could accommodate not too many people in it.

On Thursday night, we met up at another place. Again, Uden recommended us the place. Hmm.. I started wondering if Uden was Singaporean now? She browsed more eating places than me you know? :D This time, we headed to Food for Thought - Good Food For A Good Cause. 

Food For Thought at 8 Queen STreet
Food For Thought - Singapore

They had few branches and we went to the one situated very near to the Singapore Art Museum at 8 Queen Street. Fyi, they also had a branch inside the Singapore Botanic Garden. Ladies, we can visit that branch when we had our morning walk there one day, huh? ;)

Portobello with Cheese Feta Salad - Food For Thought

Crispy Curry XL Chicken by Food For Thought

Again, before reaching there, I browsed online to see what food they offered and what’s nice. Initially we would love to order their Chef Recommendation - Pulled Pork Burger and Fish and Chips Burger. However, they only served it up to 5 pm. Uden and I had to change our orders and we both shared Portobello with Cheese Feta Salad and Crispy Curry XL Chicken.

Vegetarian Risotto - Food For Thought

Caesar Salad - Food For Thought

Fish and Chips - Food For Thought

Luzee ordered Vegetarian Risotto, Sonam (Luzee’s friend) ordered Caesar Salad, and Chencho (Uden and Luzee’s friend who came here to attend training) had Fish and Chips.  

View from inside - Food For Thought

They had both indoor and outdoor space for eating. We chose sitting outdoor as the weather was good and both Sonam and Luzee weren’t feeling very well with the humid and ever changing weather over here.

They had transparent windows so the light from outside could enter the restaurant easily and they decorated their place with some arts too. Oh, another great eating place with reasonable prices to attend to next time!!! Hope to visit this place again anytime soon!!!

We ate and chit chatted like usual. After dinner, Uden asked if they would love to continue our meeting to Clarke Quay. Chencho was asking about the place earlier and put a lot of interest to visit. They were asking me if it could be reached on foot. Yes, sure! It wasn’t that far, yet not very near too, but reachable on foot. Since the weather was great too and the time was still quiet early (about 8pm), all of us walked there together.
Four of us at Clarke Quay, Singapore :)
They were very excited with the Singapore River and the ambiance they felt in Clarke Quay area. I suggested them to have a drink while sitting next to the river. And fortunately, the weather was extremely great!!! It was windy and calming. Since it was Luzee and Sonam last night in Singapore, they agreed having a glass of wine or cocktail to chill and unwind.

Sonam and her Long Island Iced Tea - Clarke Quay, Singapore

Uden and Chencho - Clarke Quay, Singapore

We sat down and had our glass of wine, beer, and cocktail. With the alcohol sipped through the body, our conversation became more intense. We talked a lot about many things, such as: people’s perception about Bhutan (in general), about Gross National Happiness and its reality, the Bhutanese and Singaporean lifestyle, how they spent their evening back there, how easy to grab someone in Bhutan for a drink and how difficult to have a planned gathering with Singaporean where at the end the appointment was even cancelled due to any other reasons, why people decided to quit their civil servant’s job (the most stable job they could get in the country) and moved abroad to earn more money and get other kind of happiness in life, and so on. Chencho too, shared what he had during his training here in Singapore. He even explained Singapore’s history to the rest of us.

Cheers for our friendship Charo!!! Miss you.... :)

It was really a pleasant and enjoyable time. We talked and continued talking but the time was ticking away and it was time for us to say good-bye. Well, perhaps it wasn’t good-bye. Every one of us was hoping to see each other again, but this time, back in Bhutan.

Thank you Uden for arranging the lovely evening and making memorable moment to all of us. Although I was the only one non-Bhutanese there, but I could feel deeply what all of you felt and thought about living in Bhutan. We hugged before we separated and headed back home/hotel. So, shall we meet again dear friends…  Tubga? Wish you have a safe flight back to Bhutan everyone!!! Take care!!! :)  


Choki Gyeltshen said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

U have made my mouth water with all the beautiful description of delicious foods.... It's a nice read and m glad u have had a wonderful time together..... Thank u for helping our fellow-country people...

Uden said...

Loved the food. yumm.. and had a really nice time with everyone. Drinks does help the conversation flow.. lol.

Luzee said...

I know we are meeting again very soon, you know my heart has this strong feel.

Thanks for all the lovely time. You proved yourself to be a different Singaporean for all the time you had for! You will always be a good friend in my life, bet that.

I miss you already :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you for going through Choki! Have a wonderful week ahead! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... In fact, it made my mouth watery too Amrith Sir! Lol! Thank you for reading and wish you have a wonderful day! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Haha... Indeed Uden!!! ;D

Rima Reyka said...

It's my pleasure la Luzee! Miss you too! Take care and have a wonderful week ahead! ^^

Flora said...

I dreamt to be one among you guys! Enjoying what ever you guys were enjoying. Too much fun together there right charo. So fun to read.��

Rima Reyka said...

Your dream will come true one day Charo! Keep dreaming! ;)

kinleywangchuk said...

You are one hell of a writer, hats off to you for your incessant updates. Your adventurous words seeps in imagination of the moment you are enjoying everyday of your life. Reading your updates are always fun as if we are with you in your journey. keeep up the spirit of writing!!

Kipchu Namgyel said...

Another beautiful day, worthy of your experience and our read, as always.My admiration meet no end in your day to day living-the way you handle things.I am filthy in it and they are seriously off the boundary of my imagination.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kinley for your beautiful words, for going through my incessant blog posts, and your encouragement!

As you said, I was just simply sharing my day-to-day things in my blog as to leave the beautiful footprints that one day when I grow old, I just have to flip the pages back and let me smiles with all that I'd have going through with its ups and downs.

I hope you have a smooth journey in your life and keep writing too la! Take care and have a wonderful day! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you so much Kipchu for going through my blog post and leaving your beautiful comments as always! I hope everything goes well at your end and wish you have a wonderful time! Take care Nuchu! :)

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