Friday, April 10, 2015

Drown into the deep thought

From afar I heard the incoming MRT sound. I immediately closed my book, walked one step behind facing the MRT door, and got myself ready to ambush the entrance door, together with many passengers doing the same standby pose right behind me.

Slowly I felt the gust wind and howling sound approaching me. As the train came near, I could see many seats had been taken by passengers who boarded one station before this and left us with only RESERVED and limited seats available in each cabins.

Tsk tsk… It’s Singapore after all. From outside I could only pray, hoping that I could grab the seat and continue reading my book until I reach my destination.

When the door opened, I let the passengers to go out first. But usually, before the crowds ended, I would try to squeeze at the side, trying to enter into the cabin. Ha-ha… Because when it’s too late to enter, all the limited seats would have all been occupied and I’d go out and wait for another train to come.

But today, I could get a very good seat (location)! Lucky me! Pheww………..!

"Dreaming is believing"

As I sat down, I adjusted my bag comfortably and started reading back to where I stopped just now. My eyes were sticking into the printed wordings. However, my brain was thinking about other thing that bothered me for the past few months. The scenario played over and over again in my head, as if I was preparing  for a drama rehearsal, making my head swirling while all these thoughts were purely imagination, not happening yet.

But in fact, I was quite enjoying it.

It just went on and on. Sometimes I realized that my eyes were opened, stuck at the same lines, same paragraphs. The lights were there shining bright; the opening and closing door sounds in the background, and announcement on each station was murmuring behind. The person who sat next to me, or few seats next to me, changed into one another. But it didn’t stop my thought, only my reading. I felt like being hypnotized with my own thought.

Ahhh… let’s try again! This time, I followed the wordings slowly, very very slowly. As expected, within a while, I started asking myself, “Who was that again? Why she did that?”  as I tried recalling what I read before that. Then the mind would start wandering around again, back to another scenario, another drama script. Oohhh….. why oh why??? 

This time I chose to close the book and rest my eyes, and my brain, into a sleeping mode. However, as soon I closed my eyes, I heard the background announcement, “Next station… Clarke Quay…” 

Alamak!!! Didn’t realize that I was thinking too much, almost during the whole journey! When it stopped, I got up and left the cabin hurriedly and back into the real life again. Yes, a real life!!! Then I remembered that it’s Friday again! Oh, God!! Thank God It’s Friday!!! I’d have plenty of time to think over again and again… hahaha….

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Oh well, happy Friday guys!! Wish all of you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones – families, friends, or even just with yourself!!! And please, don’t think too much like me. It’s reserved only for me now. Hehe… Well, take care everyone! And enjoy your life to the fullest!!! :)

P.S. Sorry I can't tell you what I was thinking. To be announced one day! ;)


Rekha Monger said...

Haha, this is interesting. Sometimes, I wonder if we can conquer our thoughts. Too many thoughts get jumbled up and one feels if it’s a real world you’re living in or just a dreamy one. One thought links to another like that of a morning dream.

I have been thinking a lot as well lately, I will share with you some other time.

I like how you wait for the train and that act of ambushing the door, as in your words.:)
TGIF, have a lovely weekend.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Bumo! Conquer may not be the best word. Let it wander, perhaps, to wherever it will go :D That way it will provide us with different scenarios and solutions to choose. Sure, just message me when you are free! ^^

And thank you for your lovely comment! That's what I actually experience each and everyday here hehe... Just tried to put it into words :) Have a lovely weekend to you too dear! Take care! ^^

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