Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reminiscing our past

Oh, my heart was blooming that Friday evening when he called and asked me if I were free that night. He said he would take a half day off so that he could bring me to eat our favorite dating food, Changi Village Nasi Lemak, at our first romantic dating place, Changi Beach Park, then he would drop me at Loyang Toa Pek Kong, a local temple to pray, while he would fill up the tank at the nearby petrol kiosk.

It'd been quite some time since we both were able to date together. Our working schedules made it even difficult to meet, couldn't even dream to date. So I cherished the moments we had together reminiscing how we both dated together for the first few times at these area, enjoying the same good ol' local food purchased from the same stall.

We sat at the bench facing the sea. It was a nice windy night. We sat facing each other opening our nasi lemak wrapper and started enjoying our meal. We chit chatted while eating, about anything that happened recently. The sugar cane drink quenched our thirst, replacing beer and green tea that we used to have before. While the rest, was almost the same with what we had more than a decade ago.

Our first dating place - Changi Beach Park :)

The topic of our conversation had changed tremendously though compared with years ago. We had known each other much better this time. Our life philosophy had changed. Although we were both going to face life changing moments in our lives, we still based our importance and priority in love - to be happy.

Happy here didn't mean we lived a lavish lifestyle, ate out in posh restaurant every single week or even days, possessed branded bags, clothes or even shoes reflecting how well we did in our lives.

Happy here was more on the realization how we were able to live and survive with the little things that we had, more importantly be grateful with what we had, felt calm and peaceful no matter what decisions we both were going to make as we knew what were our priority in life.

We were able to continue living with simplicity, enjoying lives with our head held high, watching the stars on a dark sky above us. That too, gave us calm, happy, and peaceful feeling. No amount of money required to be happy that way.

And the day after we went out again to the other dating place we used to go. Supper Char Kway Teow and Chicken Chop at Ang Mo Kio S11 coffee shop, and continued with another stars gazing at Seletar Reservoir.

Time went by. Changes took place unknowingly, without us realizing it. However, our minds were filled with so much gratitude, that even after so many years, we were still who we were, with our simple minds, never aimed too high, and never fell too below. Just like Buddha's teaching, stay and walk in the Middle Way.

We both went back home with full hearts and stomach. Although not much words being said, we both understood that we were both contented with what we had and would continue doing so.

I took many photos together. Let this be our memorable moments forever. As we all know, getting into a marriage is easy; but not easy to maintain and enjoy each and every moment of it. Therefore, I treasure our fate being together and this below quote fit both of us very well:

Our dating place at Seletar Reservoir :)


Tshering Delkar said...

Beautiful Post and the idea of marriages scares me but when i see people who are married and happy, i think and say to myself "may be its not that bad" :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tshering for reading and your lovely comment! I hope you can find your right one too one day so can share your happiness and sadness together with you always! Take care and have a great life out there! :)

Uden said...

Sounded like a really lovely date. Hope you will get such opportunities more often. :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Uden! Hope it goes same to you and Jambay! ^^

Kipchu Namgyel said...

You two are too big for the word "sweet" but that was the one shot at the back of my head as I read your post.You make me have faith in happy marriage.Great you and your husband, great post, great message and many more greatness as always.And it was definitely a big lead for your previous post!

Tshering Chekii said...

The simplicity of the date and honest expressions gave this post an authentic tag of yet another beautiful post of yours. Love going through, keep writing :D

Rima Reyka said...

Hehe... Thank you la Nuchu for your beautiful as always! Both of us are just simple human being la :) Anyway, I'm glad you enjoy reading this! Happy study and all the best for all your remaining exams la! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you la dear Bumo! It's just the way we are, a simple human being living on earth ^^ Wish you have a great week ahead la! Take care! :)

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